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The Challenge

Samantha Thorley, a freelance illustrator, animator and designer, wanted a new website to showcase her illustration & design services. She wanted to highlight the portfolio of her past projects to reach a wider audience.

The Solution

We built a website based around the client's own artwork, showcasing her fantastic portfolio. Using WordPress, we linked the client's graphic designs, paintings and illustrations by tagging products under multiple services.

The Outcome

The website is extremely aesthetically pleasing, utilising Samantha’s beautiful artwork and colours throughout. It provides a real focus on her, making it a very personal representation of her skills and business.

Samantha Thorley

Samantha Thorley is a freelance illustrator, animator and designer, with years of experience within the creative sector.

Samantha’s designs have been featured in both television and web ads for both large corporations and small independent businesses. Her illustrated designs have been featured and sold to top brands and independent retailers throughout the UK, featuring on book covers and even jigsaws.

The main aim of the website is to showcase the client's gorgeous illustrations to a wider spectrum of clients. By using Samantha's own designs, it shows all of her experience and high level of skills. The graphics have the added ability of being able to be turned into gifs at a future point. There are links to social media platforms which will be particularly advantageous to the business, increasing the audience reach.

The end result is a fabulous, contemporary website, which will act as the perfect advertisement for the client's artistic abilities.



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Samantha Thorley Website


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