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Regency Barristers Chambers portfolio

The Challenge

The client came to us with a website that they felt no longer reflected the correct image for their chambers. With lots of ideas, they were keen to move forward with a new website.

The Solution

Having looked at the business, we opted for a contemporary and sleek aesthetic. Our first step involved replacing the current accent colour with one that exudes a sense of professionalism and prestige.

The Outcome

The redesigned website is an attractive representation of the business, the team of professionals that work within the chambers, and the diverse range of services they offer.

Regency Barristers

The Peterborough based Chambers of Regency Barristers have been practising law for over 20 years. For much of that time 90% of their work has been in the family law sector, but they are now keen to expand and promote the other areas of law they specialise in.

The existing website was outdated in appearance, and the content no longer represented the professional, but approachable, image they wanted to portray.

Lots of changes have been made within the Chambers since it launched, which they wanted to promote. One of these changes was the desire to appeal to the general public as well as solicitors. There are benefits for clients who approach the team directly, one of which is cost and they were keen to showcase this.

The accent colour was changed to burgundy, which is a colour associated with professionalism, establishment and power, making it a strong choice for law firms. The overall appearance of the website is now contemporary, with clean lines and lots of focus placed on the Barristers and Clerks. Updated, high quality images have been used throughout.

Content is now, although still highly professional, able to be accessed, and understood by the target audience of laymen.

The site has lots of great features including testimonials, FAQs, a directory for Barristers and useful links. It performs seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes, and is optimised for SEO purposes.



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Regency Barristers Chambers portfolio


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