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obp Motorsport

The Challenge

Since 2007, the client has become a renowned supplier within the motorsport sector. They reached a point where they had outgrown their existing, basic website and needed to replace it with a more relevant representation of the company and its products.

The Solution

We simplified everything by going back to the fundamentals, substituting the original Wix website with the WordPress/ WooCommerce platforms. Through a collaborative effort with the client, we established a shared vision for the desired overall brand image.

The Outcome

The website now boasts speed, responsiveness, easy navigation, and rich information. Its visually appealing design not only enhances their current growth plans but also projects a significantly improved professional image, making a positive impression on potential clients.

obp Motorsport

Based in Cambridgeshire, obp Motorsport is an established engineering company, manufacturing pedal systems, hydraulic handbrakes and handcrafted fabrication work.

As specialised suppliers both domestically and internationally, the client recognised the need to enhance their current Wix website. The client approached us to essentially initiate a complete redesign, aiming to create a modern, professional site that accurately reflects their prominent position within their industry.

As a start, we suggested migrating to the WordPress & WooCommerce platforms, which offer maximum flexibility for the promotion of the company and the products supplied. We aligned these with both Stripe, and Klarna, payment gateways as they are proven to work efficiently alongside each other.

The website has lots of key features including bespoke landing pages, trade registration and login, featured products section, custom slideshow banner, newsletter sign up, among many more. The WooCommerce site is optimised for SEO purposes and functions seamlessly across all devices and screen sizes.



  1. About Us
  2. Bespoke Custom Banner
  3. Bespoke Landing Pages
  4. Downloadable Catalogue
  5. Featured Products Area
  6. Featured USP Banner
  7. Google Analytics Integration
  8. Newsletter Sign Up
  9. Online Shop
  10. Partners
  11. Payment Gateways
  12. Product Support Buttons
  13. Social Media Links
  14. Testimonials
  15. Trade Registration
  16. WooCommerce
  17. WordPress


  1. Automotive
  2. Retail & Ecommerce


  1. Branding
  2. Ecommerce
  3. Websites
  4. WooCommerce
  5. WordPress

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obp Motorsport
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When designing, our team consider the functionality and performance across multiple screen sizes and types. Specifically for this project we have focused on the customer journey, ensuring it's an easy to use experience.

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