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The Challenge

Oakham Ales approached us with a desire to redesign, update and improve their existing website. The existing site didn’t follow a conventional format and the user journey was disjointed and difficult to navigate.

The Solution

We concentrated heavily on developing and improving the online shop section to better reflect the quality of the products. Existing branding was used to enhance the site and the performance speed was upgraded.

The Outcome

The new website is now not only visually appealing and informative, but also easy to navigate and use. The shop section is simple to select products, along with a much slicker checkout. The site is now fully mobile responsive.

Oakham Ales

Situated in Peterborough, Oakham Ales is renowned for its craft in brewing light, golden ales, and proudly stands as being amongst one of the first breweries to embrace the use of hops from the USA and the New World.

Established in 1993, Oakham Ales continue to aspire to brewing fresh tasty beers in their own unique trailblazing way, adding to the 93 million pints and 275 different ales since their inception!

As a company that has grown considerably and consistently, the client was keen to keep up the momentum and wanted to massively improve their website - which is exactly what we did!

We worked extensively on the online shop, as this is a key area of sales, focusing on the quality of images and information of the products stocked. The shopping experience is smoother and the checkout process is much faster and efficient. We added a loyalty points system which rewards customers, in turn encouraging more sales.

There is now a dedicated trade section where publicans and retailers can order for delivery, or, if outside the direct delivery area, an order can be placed and delivered via a network of wholesalers and distributors.

The website has lots of key features including a stockist map to 'find a pint', a timeline showing the history of Oakham Ales, a newsletter subscription, events page, as well as a video tour of the brewery.



  1. Brewery Timeline/History
  2. Customer Account Login
  3. Events Feed
  4. FAQs
  5. Filter Product option
  6. Instagram Feed
  7. Loyalty Points Club
  8. Newsletter Sign Up
  9. Social Media Feeds
  10. Stockists Map
  11. Trade Area
  12. Virtual Tour Video
  13. WooCommerce
  14. WordPress


  1. Food & Drink
  2. Retail & Ecommerce


  1. Websites
  2. WooCommerce
  3. WordPress

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During each individual website design, our team takes into consideration all the major types of screen sizes and devices on which it may be viewed. The end result for Oakham Ales is that their website works seamlessly across all devices.

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