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The Challenge

Mimea are specialist suppliers of high quality natural herbs, spices and botanicals direct to the customer. They approached Echo to design and build an eCommerce store to market their products online.

The Solution

As Mimea's business is sourcing and supplying natural products in a sustainable, eco-friendly way, we created a site using a muted, organic colour scheme throughout to reflect their brand.

The Outcome

The custom-made site is fully responsive and easy to navigate, allowing the customer to search for items and to place an order. The website has been designed to work seamlessly across all devices.


Mimea is a Swahili word meaning “plant”.

As a company, Mimea has over 140 years of experience in sourcing, and selling high quality botanicals and dried ingredients from around the world, delivered to your door efficiently and sustainably.

They specialise in supplying plant based ingredients not available in local stores, stocking hundreds of varieties of herbs and spices for culinary and creative use, including candle or soap making and gin distillery.

Their custom-made website is fully responsive, easy to navigate, search for items and to place an order.

It has a “featured products” section where it highlights specific information for the use of each product, and displays the cost per 100g weight, a wish-list for customer convenience, social media buttons, email marketing integration and an account registration form.



  1. Account Registration Form
  2. Blog
  3. Customer Wishlist
  4. Ecommerce Website
  5. Email Marketing Integration
  6. FAQs
  7. Featured Products
  8. Newsletter Sign Up
  9. Social Media Links


  1. Retail & Ecommerce
  2. Specialist


  1. Ecommerce
  2. Websites
  3. WooCommerce
  4. WordPress

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An intuitive design experience, no matter the device

During each individual website design our team takes into consideration all the major types of screen sizes and devices on which it may be viewed. The end result will work seamlessly across all mediums.

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