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The Challenge

This project was a re-design of a website built for the client several years ago. The brief was to give the site a fresh, more modern look while retaining the essence of the brand, making the products stand out from competitors.

The Solution

The entire website was given a comprehensive design tidy, with focus placed on the online shopping experience, in particular enhancing the product category pages and imagery, and adding an age restriction barrier due to the nature of the product.

The Outcome

The new website has a stronger, more inviting and colourful appearance. It highlights the products stocked and how, and where, to purchase them. The overall result is a more contemporary online store which retains the core image of the brand.

Magic Mead

Magic Mead are producers and retailers of honey mead, made from 100% natural ingredients following the traditional method, bottled, labelled and corked by hand.

The original website that we built for Magic Mead was several years old, had been tweaked and changed, and was beginning to look outdated, and not in line with current trends. A lot has changed in the world of website design since then!

Using the existing branding, we completed a general redesign with added focus being placed on promoting the online shop which forms the bulk of their business, alongside in person appearances at markets and country fairs across the UK.

We added an age restriction barrier, which we felt necessary for today's market, this was not readily used when the original site was created! An events page, wedding contact form and customer reviews were added. The client wanted to keep the medieval theme due to its relevance to the products sold, but we did change the font to a more complimentary one, a small switch that has made a big difference.

The new site is designed for the end user to have an easy, flawless shopping experience, across all devices.



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  1. Food & Drink
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An intuitive design experience, no matter the device

When designing, our team consider the functionality and performance across multiple screen sizes and types. Specifically for this project we have focused on the customer journey, ensuring it's an easy to use experience.

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