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Kent & Haste - Echo Website Portfolio

The Challenge

For many years, we have managed the website for traditional tailors Kent & Haste. When they decided it was time for an upgrade, we were the natural choice to assist and were only happy to help.

The Solution

We gave the website a fresh redesign to modernise the long-established tailors, adding an online appointment booking service, professional imagery and full descriptions of the services offered.

The Outcome

We changed the colour scheme and generally jazzed up the content to portray a trusted firm of expert tailors, moving forward into a modern era, while maintaining a traditional touch.

Kent & Haste

Kent & Haste are a long established firm of bespoke, independent tailors, based in the heart of London. Their clientele include the late Duke of Edinburgh, musicians and movie stars.

The dynamic within the company is ever changing and, although we didn’t build their previous website, we have managed it for several years. It was natural that they asked for our ideas when choosing to take the next step to update it. The main objective was to keep portraying the expertise, traditional values and personal touch that have been the bedrock of the business, while showcasing their full range of services and how they are constantly changing to keep up with current trends.

Together we selected a white and blue colour scheme which is known in the design industry to portray luxury, exclusivity, sophistication and loyalty.

The new website highlights all of the main services and accessories available, introduces you to the personalities behind the business and gives an insight to their garments and the process involved in making them.



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  1. Clothing
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Kent & Haste - Echo Website Portfolio


An intuitive design experience, no matter the device

When designing, our team consider the functionality and performance across multiple screen sizes and types. Specifically for this project we have focused on portraying the professional business Kent & Haste are, with a focus on a CTA of booking an appointment.

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