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The Challenge

EEAS sought to redesign its website, transitioning it into a multi-site platform to feature Farming Conference and Kids Country as sub-sites. This overhaul involved migrating all existing content and creating new sections and customised menus.

The Solution

The Echo team audited the organization's online presence, pinpointing areas for improvement. We integrated the Farming Conference and Kids Country sites into the main website, migrating all content and aligning it with the new design.

The Outcome

The EEAS website has evolved into a sleek multi-site platform, highlighting both Farming Conference and Kids Country. Seamlessly interconnected, visitors can now enjoy a cohesive experience, with a good balance of education and updates.

East of England Agricultural Society

The East of England Agricultural Society is a registered charity, located at the East of England Showground in Peterborough.

The charity dates back to 1797 and is focused around promoting agriculture and rural life in the East of England, organising a diverse range of events tailored to both urban and rural communities in the region, nurturing interests in food, farming and countryside affairs.

Providing an inclusive membership, which allows members to enjoy various perks, plays a key role in supporting the charitable objectives.

The Society approached us to build a website to replace their existing one which was looking dated and lacked important features. They also wanted to migrate other sites and make the main EEAS website a multi-site, linking to other sub-sites. Before beginning the project, the Echo team audited the organisation's online presence to analyse the key areas for improvement and which sections of the existing site received the most activity.

As we wanted to deliver a unique, tailored experience we designed multiple bespoke mockups in the creative stage of the project. The EEAS team requested a site that would be fast loading across all devices and works well as a tool for members both on the go and working on desktop computers. As part of the project, we created new brand assets, which we're pleased to say have now been subsequently used across more of the organisations marketing collateral.

The website boasts a range of features including a membership area where society members can join and access exclusive media, alongside managing their annual subscription.

We continue to extend the website functionality and multi-site web management work to improve their ever-growing presence.



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An intuitive design experience, no matter the device

When designing, our team consider the functionality and performance across multiple screen sizes and types. Specifically for this project we have focused on the links between the sub-sites.

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