Double Down

Double Down

Double Down is a new Business Development venture offering an innovative range of top and bottom-line funding for business.

The client approached us with a clear idea of what they looking for. They wanted a unique, creative website that would present a professional, but urban, image and stand out from the crowd within the corporate financial sector. As they offer a different proposition when compared to traditional funding options they wanted this to be reflected within the website design.

From a design point of view this was a dream job! The client was willing to push the boundaries of what is considered normal in the world of venture capital and it was great to collaborate and create something new and individual. They were keen to go with minimal colour, which in itself is unusual, so we opted for black & white, reminiscent of the raw, MTV generation theme. We kept in mind the preference for a more gritty, earthy approach which is far removed from the typical polished image usually associated with finance.

We created an original website along with a company logo and unique brand styling. Key features include lead generation response forms and a live chat feature.

Double Down

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