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The Challenge

Having built Boud's previous website over 5 years ago, Boud wanted us to redesign the site to bring them in line with competitors and showcase the company as a key supplier, showcasing their range of products.

The Solution

We used existing branding and modernised the style and the feel of the website to make it more visually appealing in the market now. We simplified the site to ensure it is easy to navigate and eliminated the need for a sub-site.

The Outcome

The site is visually appealing and it is clear what Boud provide and that they are a key supplier. Pages are easy to navigate and detailed information is provided for bespoke products and services.

Boud Minerals

Boud Minerals is a prominent UK processor and supplier of specialised sands, decorative and functional minerals, and lightweight fillers.

Operating from two port locations - Sutton Bridge in Lincolnshire and Goole in the East Riding of Yorkshire, Boud boast extensive dry storage facilities and the capability to load various transportation solutions. This setup significantly reduces its dependence on road haulage for importing and exporting materials.

Boud was established in 1984, and over the years has leveraged experience in blending, coating, processing, and packaging to collaborate with clients, providing tailored solutions that simplify their product handling and production processes.

We built Boud's previous website over 5 years ago and completely transformed it so when Boud approached us wanting it redesigned again to modernise it for today's market, we were delighted to help and continue with hosting the website. The new site is built on WordPress and has eliminated the need for sub-sites as everything is now on the main site.

Although the site is not ecommerce, it was essential for the client that a product catalogue was maintained and the product descriptions have been adapted to be more informative and provide all necessary details.



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