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The Challenge

The client wanted a complete redesign of their existing website, one sector at a time beginning with confectionery. In its original state, the site was word heavy and cluttered, making it difficult for visitors to navigate.

The Solution

We began by condensing the vast amount of content into manageable segments, focusing on achieving an enhanced mobile and desktop experience. The design has been tailored and restructured, making it easy to navigate.

The Outcome

Baker Perkin's site is now a modern website, featuring quality content and images, designed to instil customer confidence in the Baker Perkins brand, both within the UK and international markets.

Baker Perkins

Baker Perkins is a British engineering company producing processing equipment for the Food Industry. They have locations in both Peterborough, UK and Grand Rapids, Michigan, US. The product portfolio offers technologies for the bread, biscuit, confectionery, snack and breakfast cereal sector.

Baker Perkins approached us to discuss the complete redesign and redevelopment of their outdated website. A complete overhaul across all areas of the website was required and we decided to tackle this in various stages.

The brief was to work on all sectors of the website, one section at a time, condensing the material into manageable segments. One major problem for the client was the vast amount of content displayed. This makes it difficult and time consuming for visitors to the site to navigate efficiently.

We focused on ensuring a great desktop and mobile experience, completely changing the page layout, giving it a fresh, modern appearance by using colour and graphics to highlight the products more effectively. This eliminates the need for unnecessary and “wordy” text.

The old website was performing inadequately on a mobile device and required multiple clicks to arrive at key information. The site is now much faster and easier to land on the required page, improving the overall conversion rate.



  1. AJAX Filtering & Search
  2. Bespoke Landing Pages
  3. Blog
  4. Booking System
  5. Customer Support
  6. Enquiry Form
  7. Mailchimp Integration
  8. News & Events Carousel
  9. Product Catalogue
  10. Social Media Feeds
  11. Trade Registration
  12. VAT ID Checker
  13. Video
  14. WordPress Multilingual


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An intuitive design experience, no matter the device

When designing, our team consider the functionality and performance across multiple screen sizes and types. Specifically for this project we focused on page layout, reducing unnecessary content and instead using colour and graphics to highlight products more effectively.

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