450% Increase in Quotes with Streamlined Form

The Challenge

Our client wanted to increase their quote form submissions for an integral part of their business and at the time they were unhappy with the low numbers of leads they were receiving. After ranking in the top positions for their priority keywords for a number of years, we noticed a sudden decrease due to a rise in competition within the area.

Our Audit Findings

After looking at the client’s dedicated service page and reviewing against competitor websites, we noticed the difference in our clients quote form – it was asking for too many details which weren’t necessary for a quote valuation. This could be off-putting or confusing for customers, especially when compared to other competitors quick quote format.

We closely analysed how we could adapt and improve our landing pages for our client.

Our Solution

Our team designed and tested a shorter ‘quick quote form’ which was much easier to fill out and removed anything that was unnecessary or confusing from the old form. The aim was to streamline the process by ensuring that customers could fill out the form in one go without needing to research or clarify extra information before submitting.

The Outcome

Quote conversions increased by over 450%!

The new and improved streamlined form allowed customers to receive a quote more quickly and efficiently. Our client now receives hundreds of leads each month and, crucially, much more revenue.

The service in question was intended to be a more consistent and reliable part of the client’s business model, so it was important that they were receiving consistent leads. On top of this, as a company that values approachable and friendly customer service, it was important for the form to be as accessible and simple as possible for customers.


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