1-Step Checkout: Over 50% Increase in Revenue

The Challenge

Despite our client’s website receiving high amounts of traffic, conversions were low. While a lot of work was being put into attracting customers, once they reached the site they were unable to purchase directly as there was a lack of eCommerce functionality.

To make a purchase customers had to fill out a time-consuming contact form. This meant the buying process was longer and proved to be more difficult for both customers and staff. Our challenge was to upgrade the checkout process by giving users the option to purchase online directly.

While we wanted to add eCommerce functionality, we still wanted to encourage users to submit a contact form if they had any questions about a product instead of purchasing right away.

Our Solution

The priority was to streamline the checkout process and make it quick and easy for the customer to complete, which should ultimately lead to an increase in sales and revenue.

We upgraded the site into a fully functioning eCommerce store by adding Sage Pay onto their Magento website. This enabled debit and credit card transactions to be done through an online checkout. Essentially, we implemented a one step checkout so that customers only had to fill out their details over a single page rather than going through multiple lengthy steps.

The Outcome

Users could now easily make a purchase online – a positive impact for customers and staff. Most importantly for our client, this solution increased revenue through their website by more than 50%.

By providing a less time-consuming order and payment process, the customer’s overall experience was significantly improved and staff no longer had to respond to purchase enquiries.

This just goes to show that making a customer’s buying journey as easy as possible is a great move for your business.


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