4965% Increase in Click-Through Rate

The Challenge

Our client approached us for help with their Google Ads after they noticed they were spending a lot of money with a low conversion rate.

We quickly identified a large number of broad keywords which were attracting lots of irrelevant traffic to the site. This meant their ad campaigns were not reaching the right audience.

Our challenge was to help the client better target their keywords to attract the right customers and increase conversions.

Our Solution

We designed and implemented a full restructure of the ads campaign, ensuring we were targeting the right audience with specific keywords that potential customers would be actively searching for.

We also implemented a number of other conversion-focused techniques which we’ve seen work well for previous clients. At Echo our knowledge and experience of best paid advertising practices goes a long way and we keep up to speed with the latest developments and updates.

The Outcome

By targeting the right keywords and audience the click-through rate (CTR) increased from 0.29% to 14.69% – a 4965% increase. As you can imagine, our client was very happy with this outcome!

As a result of improved targeting and the increased CTR, we also achieved a consistent number of high quality enquiries for our client which are coming through on a regular basis for less cost – helping to generate a fantastic return on ad spend.


Digital Marketing, PPC