HTTP to HTTPS: Solving Domain Security

The Challenge

We noticed that our client’s website had poor online visibility and a low amount of traffic. Our client was worried they were losing out on potential customers and wanted to optimise their chances of gaining enquiries and contracts with new businesses.

Improving their online visibility and appearance was crucial to maintaining their reputation as a leading high-end cleaning company in the South East.

Our Audit Findings

After completing a comprehensive website audit we found that a high number of ranking URLs were inaccessible. We found that users were either being sent to the client’s old website or to a 404 error page.

Investigating this issue further, we discovered an issue with the HTTP and HTTPS versions of the website – their current website was automatically directing to the older and out of date HTTP version and, when a user tried to access the HTTPS version, they were sent to a 404.

Essentially, the client’s website had a website that was almost impossible for potential customers to find.

Our Solution

To solve this issue, we first worked to ensure their current website was secure and displaying the correct SSL. Once this was achieved, we created a redirect from the old domain towards their new site, so users would land on the correct content.

The Outcome

A secure website accessible to online users!

As traffic was no longer being redirected to the old website, organic traffic increased by 208.33% within two months of securing the site. This was paramount for improving customer experience and maintaining the client’s stellar reputation.

5 priority keywords began to rank within the top 10, meaning there was a noticeable increase in online visibility. Our client also reported an increase in phone calls and enquiries.




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