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It won’t be a surprise for us to tell you that English is the most common language used on the web, but it’s far from the truth to say that it’s the only one worth utilising to promote your company.

With many businesses working internationally, it’s important to be prepared for a range of languages directly linking with your target audience.

When working with Echo, we can develop a multilingual structure to enable a better and more tailored experience for users across the globe. We’ll help you manage the website on a long term basis so that we can ensure translations are regularly updated and your content is localised – a crucial part of improving user experience (UX) and conversions.

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Why Localise?

Respect that the world is full of cultural diversity. Speak to your customers in their own language, how they like to communicate

By enabling your website to target alternative languages, you’re opening it up to users that otherwise would not be able to find or use it. Not only will Google and other Search Engines like Yandex be able to identify and rank your site higher for local audiences, but it’ll become more relevant and useful to those users.

If you’ve ever had a conversation with someone who doesn’t speak the language well, you will have probably experienced a disjointed conversation, and this is exactly how non-localised content presents itself to your potential customers. Localise your content and you’ll be able to communicate more effectively and promote a positive user experience, increasing your chances of conversions.

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Working With Echo

With vast experience in eCommerce SEO and lead generation, we can help you push your website to new locations – driving forward your business.

We have a website development team regularly working on multilingual sites using Magento 1 & 2, WordPress (WPML), PrestaShop, OpenCart and numerous other CMS platforms. We’re experienced in creating multilingual websites that help businesses grow, as well as offering an International SEO campaign to maximise your results.

International SEO

SubDomain vs. Subdirectory vs. ccTLD With so many options available, we’ll break down the solution we believe is best for your business.

A subdomain is part of a primary domain address; the only domain that is not also a subdomain is the root domain.

An example of how this would look:


This option is typically avoided when it comes to SEO as it’ll mean your sites are viewed as completely separate in the eyes of Search Engines. This means you’ll need a bigger investment if you want your sites to rank well in different locations.


A country code top-level domain (ccTLD) is an Internet top-level domain generally used or reserved for a country.

An example of this would be having these two domains as websites:


Although this is a strong signal for Search Engines, creating ccTLDs may be an expensive option, requiring a much bigger web management and SEO package. Each website is seen as separate, which means you have to run several marketing campaigns simultaneously.


A subdirectory is a division or alias of your domain that can be used to organise your existing website into a separate site.

An example of how this would look is:


This option is normally preferred when targeting multiple countries and is often the fastest and cheapest way to implement international targeting. They can carry over your ranking value and help maintain brand consistency across the sites.


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Don’t Get Lost in Translation

It’s important to note that localisation is not only about translating your site’s content but adapting to another culture. Factors such as currency, measurement units, general colloquialisms and terminology are all important when relating to different countries. Even if a direct translation reads ok, it’s worth considering local dialects and how your website could be interpreted in another language. We can work alongside translators to adapt your content as well as images, videos or audit assets you might already have.

We’ve also worked with businesses to implement additional features such as:

  • Country flag language switcher
  • Multi-currency
  • Geo-IP page redirection
  • RTL support
  • Different navigation/menu
  • Backend website translation
  • Ability to add new languages in the future

We’re a digital company, so it’s no surprise we’re data people. This means with any project, we’ll help you to review your conversion tracking and analytics so that you can make accurate business decisions on which locations or languages are providing you with more revenue.

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