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We offer the very best Hosting packages as well as bespoke Website Management Plans in Peterborough.

Have you got a website and need help keeping it up to date, secure and running fast? Echo provide ongoing support to ensure your online presence is maintained correctly and the systems integrity is always in check. As part of our website management, we include the following services: Website DesignSocial Media Management and SEO in Peterborough.

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Web Management

Website Management Plans

We know very well that all businesses are different and require a different variety and amount of work, that’s why at Echo, we provide bespoke plans suited towards your business. Whether you have in-house staff that handle all of your website management and you need guidance on your SEO, you need someone to write your monthly blog or you would like us to handle all of your online presence we can help.

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Premium Cloud Based & Dedicated Server Hosting

Using the very latest hardware, software and cloud-based technologies we provide hosting to over 150 websites on our high-performance servers. Depending on your needs, we can deploy your website to one of our cost effective shared servers or if you need something really powerful we can deploy the site to a completely dedicated physical server with the specification of your choice. Run an online shop and require an encrypted connection (HTTPS/SSL)? No problem, we can set up the relevant precautions and security to keep your ecommerce stores transactions safe and secure.

Why Echo? As part of our website management service, we will provide your business with top-notch support, our team are happy and always at hand to help our diverse and large client base.

Bespoke Management Plans

We offer bespoke website management plans for businesses in and around Peterborough, Cambridgeshire as well as national businesses. The reason we have bespoke plans is that we know that every business is different and has different requirements, because of this we create you your plan which will meet all of your requirements but will still remain extremely cost-effective.

High Performance Hosting

Here at Echo we utilise the very best IT hardware and software to ensure that our hosting platforms remain cutting-edge and perform as fast as possible. We utilise both cloud-based and physical systems running a variety of different operating systems which are all extremely scalable, this means that no matter what the size of your website or your requirements, we can cope with the demands without the performance of the site being compromised.

Up to Date with Limited Hassle

Do you struggle to find the time to keep your website up to date? We can help you to make your online presence flourish by enabling you to focus on your core business and letting us look after your online presence. From SEO, Social Media Management to our secure Hosting we will handle everything that is needed for you to look good and be found online.

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What are website management services?

Web management services vary depending on your business needs. We provide services such as hosting or SEO to keep your website up to date, secure and running fast.

Does it matter what platform my website uses?

Not at all. We are extremely flexible and have had experience working across all types of platforms.

Why would you recommend spending money on maintenance?

Realising the importance of maintenance before it's too late can drastically impact your business. Our web management services will stop errors, bugs or potential performance issues that inevitably crop up, whilst keeping your website running securely and smoothly, protected from hackers.

How do I know we're getting value for money?

Each month, we will keep you updated and in the loop - we like communication to be strong here at Echo! We will track any billable time to ensure we’re working efficiently and effectively, so you can clearly see the value.

Can you manage a site if we don’t host with you?

We can indeed! As long as your platform passes our initial checks and tests, we’re more than happy to help. We regularly work with in-house marketing, IT and compliance teams.

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