Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC)

Pay Per Click or PPC is online website based advertising and is a prime method of digital marketing.

Pay Per Click is comparable to advertising in a newspaper or in magazine, but is much more effective as you can specifically target towards certain users who have a higher statistical chance of looking and viewing the advertisement.

PPC is an auctioning method of marketing which allowing advertisers to bid for their ranking within Search Engines. When someone searches for a particular keyword or phrase within Search Engines such as Google, the users sponsored search results are displayed as a result. These sponsored search results link the searcher through to a targeted and relevant website or landing page relating to the initial search term which is highly effective in providing lead generation and increased sales.

Pay Per Click advertising is the most targeted and cost effective form of digital marketing and allows you to perform deep analytics on the advertisements.

Landing Page Design

Before launching an ad campaign, it is important that you have a highly optimised landing page. A landing page is the page on your website that the users are directed to when they click on your ad.
The problem with linking an advert to your homepage is that it is often not optimised for the keywords within your Adwords. Setting up a new landing page will enable you to optimise the content to specifically target each keyword. This will increase your quality score within Adwords, resulting in a lower cost per click (CPC) and higher ad placement, providing a greater return on investment.

Our team are experienced in creating landing pages that are both highly optimised and designed to match the branding of your website whilst focusing on generating conversions.

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There are over 1 million sites that are part of the Google Ad Display Network.

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