Is Your Website Secure? An SSL Certificate Can Help

As Google introduces its latest Chrome browser update, it comes with a new warning for those websites that are not secure - a big, red warning. Let an SSL Certificate by Echo fix this problem. As a webmaster, protecting your…

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Duplicate Content Will Hurt Your SEO

It’s no secret but is often overlooked by businesses - showcasing duplicate content on your website (or worse, scraping content from other websites) can severely affect your Google rankings in a negative way. Duplicate content is a popular term often…

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Instagram Introduces Hashtags & Profile Linking to Bios

In a recent update, photo and video sharing app Instagram upped its game once more and made accessibility even easier than before by introducing hashtags and profile linking to users bios. Having recently rivalled Snapchat with its Stories feature, Instagram…

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How to Get Your Business Verified on Facebook

Our how-to guide takes you through the steps and criteria you need to meet in order to get your business Facebook verified, which is not only beneficial to your business, but easier than you think. It’s all well and good…

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