Echo Insight: Why businesses should welcome the new Twitter Character Limit

It’s currently out for global testing with selected accounts now able to send tweets that are twice the length of the previous limit. But why is this happening and what does it mean for your business? You may notice over…

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Welcome to Voice search – Prepare your SEO now!

Mind-blowing statistics are now being released on a daily basis surrounding the adoption of voice search. Whilst it’s not new, growth over the past few years and the mainstream adoption of the technology has been staggering.  With Google confirming its…

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Echo Insight: Speaking to Gen Z Customers

You may have only just got your head around what a millennial is. You may be wondering who these new kids on the block are. Well Generation Z is here and chances are you’ll have to market to them as…

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Echo Insight: 5 Website Design Mistakes That Cost Money

You may have a slick, professional website, yet struggle to convert page views into leads/sales - thousands of websites do. Here at Echo, we’ve noted down a few points to help you avoid this trap. We've even explained some of…

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