Echo Insight: Google Introduces a New AdWords Interface

New Adwords Interface Blog

With the start of a new month comes a refreshed Google AdWords Interface with a whole host of exciting features.

Along with the updated appearance, you may have noticed several new exclusive features that can further break down your AdWords campaign giving you deeper insight into performance.

Straight away we can see some slick new visualisations that save you time when analysing data. For example, in the newly designed Overview Dashboard, you’ll see a daypart reporting card with a drop-down menu to select a metric. This helps you see immediately which day or hour performs best in a visual statistic, a great tool for planning your campaigns at optimal times.

Google Adwords New Interface

Another useful addition is the Devices card also located in the Overview Dashboard. This card makes it easy to see how your campaign is performing across the three main devices (Computers, Tablets & Mobile Phones) all at once. Are you optimising your ads for where they are being seen most?

Google Adwords New Interface

Other notable features in the new AdWords interface include promotion extensions, household income targeting and a dedicated audience page.

Over the next few months, we’re expecting to see even more additions to this list including landing page performance metrics, custom in-market audience targeting, Google attribution and store sales measurement uploads!

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