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So you’ve got your website up and running and making money for your business, great! Now what? Just like a car, maintaining a website requires time, effort and can come at a cost.

But if your website is critical to your business and revenue, it’s important to make sure your website maintenance is in the right hands. If your website encounters a security risk or stops working altogether (it happens more than you realise!), you’ll need expert eyes to fix the problem quickly or prevent it from happening altogether. So, where do you start?

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Website Management and Hosting


Who is looking after your website?

When first launching your website, you’ll have to register a domain and webspace on a host server, but you’ll then be required to keep up the ongoing fee. Depending on where your website is hosted and the quality of the server, you can expect to see a different level of performance in terms of website speed, security, backup frequency and size.

Speaking to a web agency can help guide you in which direction to go and give you advice on what you really need to avoid unnecessary costs, or worse, a website that doesn’t perform well for your customers.


What about the website itself?

With any website, ensuring that it’s regularly checked and kept up to date is extremely important.

You’re likely to have a range of different plugins or extensions that add features like popups, fast checkouts and social media feeds to your website. The developers of this software will often release new, improved versions as well as bug fixes to help everything run smoothly. If you’re not keeping up with the updates, you may find yourself with a sluggish website laced with errors.

It’s easy for businesses to cut corners and neglect updates like this, but this comes with a risk of poor performance for your customers and could have a negative impact on how search engines like Google view your website. Would you like to browse a site who’s main features are broken or that could point you to spam websites? No? Didn’t think so, and Google doesn’t want you to either. With that in mind, if your competitor’s website is kept up to date, yours might fall behind in the search results, costing you visits, customers and importantly – conversions.

Keeping your website running well is an important part of building your online presence, but it doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Speaking to a team you trust can help you find the right solutions for you, your business and your website.

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