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Posted On: 24th December 2021

Should I Have Live Chat On My Website?

Live chat is everywhere. From online banking to ecommerce sites, if you’ve used the service across multiple sites, you may have come away with mixed opinions; live chat can be a lifesaver when it’s done right, but sometimes it can be the exact opposite of helpful. So, should you have live chat on your website, or is it a waste of your precious time?

Yes, but…

The answer to this question is yes, though there is a ‘but.’ When it’s implemented correctly and manned by the right person, live chat can be an invaluable tool for customers – and a huge conversion driver.

Imagine you’re almost ready to pull the trigger on an expensive new piece of technology, but you’re not totally sure if it’ll be compatible with products you already own. If it’s not, it’ll be a deal breaker, but if it is, you’ll be ready to hand over the money. You click on the live chat button and ask the question… but you’re greeted by either an automated response (from a bot) or an unhelpful answer from someone that’s never heard of the product before.

What do you do? Many of us would simply close the tab and look elsewhere, put off by the retailer’s lack of product knowledge.

If, however, you received an informative, helpful (and quick!) response through live chat, the outcome would likely be very different. Even if your chosen product wasn’t compatible like you’d hoped, at least you’d know… and you may be able to purchase an alternative product from the same retailer. Such a positive outcome may not have been possible without live chat.

It’s not just ecommerce sites that can benefit from live chat – service businesses can take advantage of the feature to quickly resolve queries, leaving a lasting positive impression.

In summary

So, if you’re confident you’ll be able to answer people’s questions promptly and accurately over live chat, implementing it on your site is a no-brainer. But if you’re unsure whether you’ll have the manpower to help your customers out, live chat could do your business more harm than good. If you do choose to implement live chat it should become part of your customer service package, and shouldn’t necessarily replace traditional communication channels, such as email and phone enquiries.