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Posted On: 10th December 2020

What Is a Facebook Pixel and Do I Need It?

If you’re using social media adverts, or planning to use them as part of a future strategy, a Facebook Pixel can help you get the most of your budget.

The Facebook Pixel is a piece of code you can place on your website to track and collect data such as page views, add to carts and conversions. This provides important information that you can use to create better adverts, have better targeting and run better campaigns. You’ll be able to track which adverts delivered profitable results and, importantly, which ones didn’t.


Using a Facebook Pixel allows you to show targeted adverts to people who have already visited your website. This is known as retargeting and can help you refine your campaigns by strategically displaying adverts to those who have completed certain actions (such as adding a product to their basket) and not others (checking out).


Once you’ve gathered enough data about who is converting on your websites and who isn’t, you can begin to run campaigns with smarter targeting. Building a Lookalike Audience allows you to show adverts to those with similar likes, interests, shopping behaviours and demographics to customers already converting on your website.

Optimising for Conversions

Having a Pixel on your website means you are able to create campaigns solely based on conversions. This means that instead of optimising for advert views or link clicks, Facebook will actively refine your campaign to align more closely with your business goals.

So if you’re wondering whether your website needs a Facebook Pixel, the short answer is yes!