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Posted On: 21st January 2021

Give a Partner Access to Your Facebook Ad Account

When it comes to running paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, it’s likely that you’ll want to provide access to additional users, especially if you’re working with a social media agency to help you with Facebook’s marketing magic.

We’ll run you through two different ways you can provide access, depending on how much access you’d like to give.

Business Manager Account 

First things first, do you have a Business Manager account associated with your Facebook Ads account? By having this, you’ll be able to manage multiple accounts, advertising and pages from one login. You’ll also be able to share different levels of access and privileges to different team members.

If you haven’t already signed up for Business Manager, take the following steps:

1. Visit

2. Select Create Account

Create Business Manager

3. Enter your details and submit your details

Enter Business Details

4. Confirm your business email.

Congratulations, you’ve now created a Business Manager Account. If you were already managing an Ad Account or Page, this will automatically show within your Business Manager.

Assign a Partner to Your Facebook Ad Account

To assign a partner to your Facebook Ad Account, you’ll first need to navigate to Business Settings within the menu.

Business Settings

Click Ad Accounts 

Choose the selected account you’d like to give access to.

Choose Ad Account

Under Partners, select Assign Partners 

Assign Partners

You’ll then have two options, to enter the Agencies Business ID, or to send a link.

Assign Partner 2

Whichever option you chose, you’ll be able to customise your permissions to best suit you.

Then, either click Connect or copy the link provided to send to your agency.

Share Ad Account

And there we have it, your agency should now have access to your Ad Account to start creating, optimising and managing your campaigns.