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Posted On: 4th August 2020
Updated On: 24th August 2020

I Did an SEO Audit and it Shows Lots of Errors

If you’ve completed an automated SEO report and it’s showing lots of errors, try not to panic. Automated reports are often a quick and easy way to get a general overview of your website, however SEO is not a one fits all strategy, so they need to be taken with a pinch (or a handful) of salt.

Using an online SEO tool to give you an automated report can be really useful for collecting data and will often focus on basic SEO fundamentals. A report will generally measure the number of backlinks to your website, meta data, broken links, image alt tags, heading tags, to name just a few. You’ll also find many reports will just check metrics such as the one page you submitted to the SEO checker, which won’t give you a good overview of your entire site. Whilst this can be helpful to identify potential issues, an automated tool can only test technical fundamentals and can’t offer expertise or advice on how you should act on the results.

Automated reports won’t know your market, what keywords or locations you’re targeting, or how important each piece of information is to the success of your online presence. So, whilst the audit can give you an idea of how SEO friendly your website is, they should only act as an initial starting point before an experienced SEO professional performs a manual audit on your site.

With a manual audit, a good SEO professional will always refer back to your business goals, market and industry knowledge to provide expert advice and recommendations. If you’ve currently received a worrying automated audit, try not to panic and get yourself a personalised audit completely tailored to your business.