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Posted On: 14th January 2021

Granting Access to a Google Ads Account

Whether you’re working with Google Ads in-house or you’re working with a PPC Agency, it’s likely that multiple people will need access to the same account.

There are two approaches to this depending on whether you’re looking invite a user to help manage your account or if you’d like to add an additional user directly to your account itself.

Typically we’d recommend inviting users to manage your account if you’re working with an external team. If there are multiple people within your internal team reviewing your Google Ads, we’d suggest adding them as an additional user.

Don’t worry, we’ll cover both methods below.

Adding an Additional User to Your Account.

Once you’ve logged into your Google Account, you’ll need to click Tools within the top bar and choose Access and security under Setup.

Tools and Account Access

Then, click the “+” icon.

Add User

You’ll then be able to add the email address of the user you’d like to add to the account.

There will be several access options: Email only, Billing, Read only, Standard and Admin. Choose the option most appropriate for you. For example, if an agency is wanting to audit your account, you’ll probably want to give them ‘Read only’ access meaning they’ll be able to see data only and won’t be able to make changes to the account or billing details. If you decide to hire the agency, you might then want to upgrade them to ‘Standard’.

Access Level

From here, the recipient will receive an email alerting them of your invitation. All they need to do it click ‘Accept Invitation’ and they’re in!

Inviting a User to Manage Your Account 

If however, you’d like to allow another user to manage your account you’ll need to give them your account number.

This will be a 10 digit number and can be found in the top bar of your Google Ads Account.

Account Number

Once someone has requested access to your account, you’ll receive the following email from Google.

Account Access Request

Simply, click Accept Request and you’ll be taken to the Manager page within Access and Security where all you have to do it click Accept.

Manager Request

And done! You’ve successfully added a user to your Google Ads account.



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