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Posted On: 1st July 2020
Updated On: 23rd July 2020

Why Do My Keywords Keep Fluctuating?

Just like weather conditions, fluctuating rankings are a normal part of SEO. In the same way we can predict a rainy weekend or a sunny afternoon, things don’t always go to plan and there are a number of variables that can cause your website rankings to jump around.

Algorithm Update

A new algorithm update is where Google (or other search engines) change the rules in which they are ordering the websites in the search results page. This usually happens a few times a year as platforms like Google try to improve the user experience of searching online.

When the rules for algorithms change so do your’s and your competitor’s rankings. It might be that your website is being penalised by a ranking factor change but it could also mean your competitor is penalised too. As all the websites across the web are being re-evaluated, it’s normal to expect your rankings to keep fluctuating while search engines find the right place for your website.

New Website

In a similar way to an algorithm change, if you have a new website, Google is still trying to figure out where you sit your site in the search engine results.


It might be that you’ve started to work on the Search Engine Optimisation for your website to increase your rankings – great. But it’s important to keep in mind that it might be what your competitors are doing too. With multiple websites fighting for the top spots, you might notice your rankings change more frequently than you’d like.

If you’re thinking about how you can combat this, it might be worth considering your SEO budget if you noticed your industry is particularly competitive.