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Posted On: 22nd May 2023
Updated On: 5th July 2023

What type of Google Ads are right for my business?

There’s a reason why so many businesses use Google Ads: visibility. As the world’s leading search engine, with over 8.5 billion searches being made by users every day, Google Ads can provide your business with unparalleled exposure. Sure, the platform does have some competition – let’s not forget Microsoft Ads – but nothing else is quite on the same level. 

The effectiveness of Google’s PPC ads, then, isn’t up for debate. Provided they’re configured correctly, they could seriously improve the fortunes of your business. That’s the thing, though – they have to be configured correctly. 

Without the right budget, goals or campaign type, you’re unlikely to have much joy. It’s the latter that we’re focusing on here. Which campaign types are available, and which one(s) are right for your business? Let’s dive in and find out. 

Search campaigns

When you do a Google search, the ads you’ll see listed at the top of the page are called search ads. You’ll have the freedom to write enticing headings and descriptions, which could be ideal for lead generation and building brand awareness. You’ll be able to pick the keywords that you’d like your ads to appear for, making it easy to target the correct audience. 

If you’ve built a great website and you simply want the right people to see it, a search ad is hard to beat!

Display campaigns

Looking to run a more visual campaign utilising graphics and engaging call-to-actions? Display ads are the kind that you’ll see placed on websites, usually accompanying news or blog articles. Display ads give you greater creative freedom and allow you to target users while they’re actively browsing other websites. Much like search ads, display ads are great for generating leads and conversions, as well as improving brand awareness.  

Video campaigns

Want to show ads on YouTube and other similar sites? This is the campaign type for you. The benefits are similar to display ads, and many companies often run both types simultaneously. 

This type of campaign can be incredibly effective, with a near-limitless range of options available to help you customise every aspect of your ads. They tend to be very time-consuming and expensive to create, however – and you’ll be up against tough competition from global businesses. 

Smart campaigns

The easiest, most hassle-free way to run ads with Google. Smart campaigns are fully automated, meaning Google itself will decide where and when your ads will appear. The main benefit here is ease of use, with less maintenance and setup time required to get your ads up and running. 

Many businesses find success with this approach, but Smart campaigns are unlikely to ever be as lucrative as those manually configured by someone who knows what they’re doing. You may be waiting a while to reap any benefits from a Smart campaign. 

Performance Max campaigns

Performance Max campaigns are also automated but are able to display ads in a wider variety of locations. You could come across your ad on search, on other websites, on YouTube, on Maps, on Gmail and more. You’ll have to decide on your goals and provide the required information to get the ball rolling, but Google will do the rest. 

Although Performance Max campaigns can provide outstanding visibility, the machine learning approach typically requires a higher budget than other types of campaigns. 

Shopping campaigns

If you run an ecommerce business and want to drive sales, a shopping campaign could be just what you’re looking for. These visual ads appear at the top of search results when a user searches for a specific product, making them effective conversion generators. Get the product title, description, and images right, and you could be onto a winner. Shopping ads are highly competitive, however, so you’ll need to really optimise your campaign to achieve real success.