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Posted On: 3rd July 2020
Updated On: 23rd July 2020

What Is Google Search Console?

Google Search Console (formerly known as Google Webmaster Tools) is a platform that helps users monitor and analyse information about their website in Google Search results. Although it is not essential to have a Google Search Console account, this handy tool is great for understanding how Google views your pages and where there is room for improvement.

We would very much recommend anybody with a website to set an account up, so you can see how Google interprets your webpages and content.

The tool includes the following features:

  • Reports to help you track organic search traffic, queries and performance.
  • URL Inspection tool which allows you to check a specific URL on your website to view its status and information including errors, indexing issues etc. You can also use this tool to request for a page on your website to be crawled or recrawled by Google if it’s new or you have recently updated the content.
  • Information on website issues, errors and penalties. Google will usually send you alerts if there are errors, allowing you to view more details about the problem and how you can fix this.
  • Sitemap submission tool to tell Google where to find it on your website. You can also resubmit your sitemap here and view its status.
  • Temporarily block pages from being shown in Google Search results without removing it permanently.
  • Page speed data. The core web vitals report allows you to track your URL loading time on desktop and mobile and identify URLs that are in need of improvement.
  • Information on your website’s structured data and status.

As you can see, Google Search Console offers many fantastic features to help business owners, marketers, SEO specialists, web developers, and basically anyone with a website. If you haven’t signed up already, then what are you waiting for? It’s completely free!