Digital Marketing Learn How To Supercharge Your Online Visibility

Online is the way forward, but where do you start? With terms like SEO, PPC and CRO popping up, get help on all things Digital Marketing.

Posted On: 29th November 2021

What is email marketing?

Digital marketing has numerous channels, but email is one of the most effective and widely used. Companies large and small use email marketing to sell their wares, and with the right strategy in place they can achieve excellent conversion rates. But, what is email marketing, and how can you leverage it to reach your business goals? Let’s investigate.

The basics

Email marketing involves sending any form of marketing communications to customers (or prospective customers) via email. Said individuals have to sign up to receive your marketing messages first, though as you need their permission. But given that many people are happy to give out their email address for the right reasons, a well-crafted email marketing campaign can be a successful way of growing your business.

How successful is email marketing, exactly?

Very! According to one study by McKinsey & Company, their research found email marketing to be as much as 40 times more effective at drumming up business than Facebook and Twitter. 

They’re not the only ones singing the praises of email marketing. Unlike social media platforms – which can fall out of fashion and experience a decline in their user base – email has done nothing but grow since it was first conceived decades ago. This means that your audience of potential customers isn’t going to shrink any time soon. Make your website attractive and effective enough at getting email sign-ups and you could be onto a winner.

Adopt the right email marketing strategy and your business could benefit from:

  • Increased website traffic and sales
  • More repeat customers 
  • Build loyal relationships with customers
  • Increased brand awareness and authority

There are a number of different email marketing platforms you can use to get your messages out there. Popular options include Mailchimp, HubSpot, Campaigner and Sendinblue, though there are a multitude more on the market if none of those take your fancy.

Remember: Email may be one of the most crucial pillars of digital marketing, but it isn’t the only one – and one pillar isn’t enough to hold an entire building together, is it? If you want to comprehensively succeed online, a multipronged approach is still the way forward. Just make sure that email marketing is in the mix.