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Posted On: 28th June 2023
Updated On: 19th September 2023

How to Write Email Marketing Copy That Works

So, you’ve started laying the foundations for your email marketing campaign. You’ve followed our list of email marketing best practices, and you’re ready to start creating content…but don’t know where to begin. Well, you’re not alone. Creating engaging, effective email marketing copy is no easy task, but in this quick and simple guide, we’re running through five key steps that should put you on the right track.

As with any marketing campaign, it’s important to temper your expectations. You’re unlikely to see explosive results right from the start, but that’s OK. The more you learn, the better your campaigns will become – and the more effective they’ll prove to be. Focus on the five steps below to get started, and remember: if you’d like any assistance with your content, we’re here to help.

Our Five Key Steps to Help with Email Marketing

Understand your audience…and write for them

You can’t write engaging content until you know who you’re writing it for. It’s that simple. Without that knowledge of your audience and what they’re looking for, your email campaign is likely to fall flat. Take the time to dig into your data, building a picture of your audience and what they might be interested in. Then, try to write content that ticks all the boxes. If it’s not relevant to them, they won’t even open the email – much less convert. 

Less is more

Although it can be tempting to write an essay, restrain yourself. Short and to the point is the way to go for email campaigns; the content needs to be easy to digest and should get the point across quickly. If your product or service has loads of different USPs, try to pick one or two to focus on rather than spreading yourself too thin and writing about them all (that’s what the landing page is for). 

Implement a clear structure

Clear headings, subheadings and text blocks are a must. We would also recommend inserting images or graphics to break up the text further. It’ll make it more inviting to read…and it’s far more likely to generate conversions as a result.

Add engaging CTAs

To really seal the deal, add a powerful call to action (CTA) that will persuade your audience to convert. Whether that’s getting in touch, visiting a landing page, or buying a product, you’re unlikely to see results unless your CTA is clear, attractive and compelling. Try to think outside the box: we’ve all seen ‘get in touch’ or ‘contact us’ plenty of times by now!

Try A/B testing

Last but by no means least, A/B testing. Don’t underestimate the importance of trial and error – sometimes, there’s no substitute for writing and testing multiple different pieces of content to see which performs the best. This can inform your future email marketing decisions, allowing you to improve your content each and every time.