Technical SEO Services

Have you noticed a drop in your Google Rankings?

If the answer is yes, then your website might not be set up from a technical SEO perspective.

In order to be able to rank in top positions in search engines, you need to ensure the technical elements on your site are up to scratch. There are hundreds of factors that Google’s algorithm checks for that have an impact on SEO – from the code that’s written, content, the platform your website is built on or software…amongst many more.

We have a comprehensive knowledge of all technical elements that have an impact on SEO and can ensure the standard of your website is up to speed. Enhancements can be made to the way the site is built and improvements to the speed and overall performance can be implemented to give Google stronger signals as to what your business is about.

We will ensure that your site has an SEO-friendly site structure and make certain it’s completely mobile-friendly.

Of course – if Echo is building you a new website, our technical SEO will be completed from the off.

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How important is site speed?

Page speed is more important than ever following the introduction of Google’s Core Web Vitals search ranking factor.

What tasks are commonly associated with technical SEO?

Common tasks associated with technical SEO include creating an SEO-friendly site structure, improving your website's speed and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly - amongst many more!

Why do I need to worry about technical SEO?

If your website pages are not correctly set up to be accessible to search engines, they won’t appear or rank in search results - certainly a worry.


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