Why Invest
in Social Media

Social Media has had a huge impact on the way we live our lives and even the way we do business, and it can be an effective way to market your business.

Platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest are fantastic ways to communicate with your audience – and by using paid advertising you open yourself up to an unlimited audience potential. Not only that – paid social will give you a good grasp on who your customers are, and with specific audience targeting, get your ads in front of them, maximising your return on investment, increasing engagement, and driving more sales.

By boosting the number of followers or likes you receive, you can influence how customers perceive your business and services, gain trust and achieve your marketing goals.

Did you know? 93% of internet users use social media

We want to partner with you

Our collaborative approach sets us apart from the crowd. We'll feel more like part of your team than an external agency. Here's what you get from us...

Dedicated Account Manager
Ongoing Support
Hands-on Approach
No Technical Jargon
Clear SMART Goals
Detailed Monthly Reports

Types of SMA Campaigns

We can handle every type of social media advert across Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. Whether you're looking to raise brand awareness, drive traffic to your site or gain sales - we've got your covered.


Increasing brand awareness is important for many businesses - boosting online visibility and building trust with your customers.


Social ads are a great channel to drive traffic to your website, whether that be to a specific product page, or contact form you want them to complete.


Engaging with your customers and target audience with interesting and educational posts can help boost followers and expand your audience reach.


Target people that are interested in your products or services, nurture that relationship to capture new leads - encourage sign up and start engaging.


Ecommerce businesses looking to increase sales can use social media ads to expand reach and target businesses to showcase their products to.


Remarketing to those that have shown an interest in your products or services makes them more likely to connect with your brand, engage - and convert.

Working With Echo

We keep our client's businesses at the heart of everything we do, taking a 'get things done' and hands-on approach to helping businesses grow online. Focusing on our passion for business & marketing, we utilise our ambition to always be better and deliver outstanding, measurable and meaningful results.
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Business Focus

Any marketing task needs to relate back to a business requirement. We align our goals directly to your objectives.


Proud partners of Meta, our diverse team is highly knowledgeable in Paid ads across various social platforms.

Personal Approach

Our specialist team treat clients as individuals - we provide support and guidance but value your opinion.


We're big believers in digital planning and strategy - we suggest actions straight to the point and get things done!

Profit Centric

We work with you and plan strategies to not only reach your online goals but to generate as much profit as possible.


We've achieved brilliant results for clients and our own businesses alike. We know how to leverage online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What social media platforms do you work with? Caret
We have managed numerous social media campaigns for clients across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest.
How can I track the success of my social media campaign? Caret
Each month you will receive a report detailing the progress of your campaign. You will have access to all your accounts and we will be in regular contact to keep you in the loop.
How long does it take to set up a social media campaign? Caret
We can set you up with your social media advertising campaign within a month, we focus on engagement first and then switch to a longer term campaign.
How can I generate business from my social media? Caret
Maximising the benefits of social media means putting thought behind your strategy. It involves creating highly targeted campaigns and creating engaging content that leads users to your desired products or services - making your USPs clear to drive conversions. We have plenty of experience with this.
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