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As a leading system for eCommerce businesses, Magento also offers the resources and functionality to help your website rank highly within organic search.

Although Magento offers the ability to help your website perform well organically, this won’t happen by itself! A strong SEO strategy is needed to make sure your website can be found online and by the right people.

Without SEO, ecommerce stores struggle to gain much visibility online and which negatively impacts traffic and sales potential. Our Ecommerce SEO services can help put your business in front of audiences that are searching for your products or services.

As a Magento SEO agency, we have specific experience navigating the content management platform and can ensure you’re making the most of all the features it has to offer. This includes making sure your target audience can find your organisation, as well as enhancing the user experience to make sure that your Magento website is completely optimised and leaving your customers happy.

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How can we help with your Magento SEO?

Whether it’s a missed opportunity, errors in your site structure, or mistakes that are negatively impacting your site’s ability to rank well in search results, we know how to spot problems and how to fix them. We will always explain our services using jargon-free language and keep you updated on progress.

We can ensure your site is targeting the right keywords and that all your meta titles, meta descriptions, URLs, copy, and images are all optimised.

While SEO is never a one size fits all approach, we have the expertise and tools to help you gain higher organic rankings – even if you have some tough competitors.

Get in touch to request one of our free SEO consultations, where we get to know your business and offer our expert diagnostic advice on how our Magento SEO services could help your business thrive.

Magento 2 SEO Services

Need help with SEO services for your Magento 2 store?

In June 2020, Magento stopped supporting some features on their old platform. Magento 2 is the upgraded version of the original platform and offers a number of enhancements, including a better checkout experience and a mobile friendly design to suit Google’s mobile-first indexing.

If your business has been affected by this, we can help you migrate your data to a new platform with as little disruption to your day-to-day business functioning as possible. Most importantly, we’ll make sure you don’t lose any of the SEO value your site currently holds. Make sure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste and get in touch with our team today.

Which platform is best for SEO - Magento or Shopify?

Generally speaking Magento is considered better for SEO, however this doesn’t necessarily mean that Magento is the best platform for your business. We recommend consulting a web agency to help you choose the right platform.

What key things should I consider to make my Magento site SEO friendly?

There are so many aspects to SEO, but some of the key things you’ll want to consider is your site speed, optimising meta information and headings, and making sure your site is indexed properly.

What are the SEO benefits of Magento 2?

The new Magento 2 platform was rolled out in 2017 and has a number of SEO benefits, including mobile-friendly themes and checkout processes, and faster site speeds. All of these factors will not only be favoured by search engines, but also contribute to an overall improvement of user experience.

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