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PPC allows advertisers to show their products or services to their specific target market almost immediately, managing their budget to fit with certain products or services to promote, in order to get the best results for their business

Managed properly, PPC can work for most businesses – but not all. The effectiveness will depend on how competitive your market is, and what budget or resources you have. 

Many ecommerce businesses rely on PPC advertising as it is completely measurable, being able to see cost per lead or in fact sale, or how many calls are being generated, whilst ensuring money is spent on the most profitable areas of the business, giving you the best return on ad spend (ROAS)

Whilst SEO can be a fantastic way of getting continued traffic on your website, it can be a time-consuming venture. PPC works well alongside your SEO campaign, providing you with faster results.

Did you Know? 65% of customers click Google ads

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Our collaborative approach sets us apart from the crowd. We'll feel more like part of your team than an external agency. Here's what you get from us...

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Our Approach
to Your PPC

Analysis & Planning

We will analyse your business, looking at what products or services you should be promoting, based on profit margins and suitability in the market. An audience analysis will be carried out and a plan created as to which keywords, territories and specific target market your ads will reach, and the type of ad - working with your agreed budget.

Campaign Set Up

Whether it’s creating a new account or adjusting your existing one, we use the latest Google Ads technology to ensure your ads are up to speed. We will agree and set benchmarks that are based around your business goals, setting up various ads with different content to determine what really works for your business.

Review & Repeat

We regularly review your ads - with the agreed benchmarks at the heart of everything. Ad spend and performance are looked at, ensuring genuine leads are received. We keep you in the loop throughout your campaign - our close relationship with you ensures any changes to your business are reflected in your campaign.

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Our PPC Services

Our PPC team are skilled in all areas of paid advertising,
including local, national and international PPC - as well as paid social


Carefully crafted text adverts that show just above organic search results. As well as delivering instant traffic, paid search can be extremely targeted, showing for important keywords for your business.


Showcase your business to a wider audience using imagery for engaging ads across the Google Display Network. Display ads expand your reach to people as they browse websites including YouTube.


Shopping ads show product image, price and features to a customer prior to them clicking through to your site. We work with many ecommerce companies to drive an extremely high return on ad spend.

Programmatic Display

Using automated technology and algorithm tools, programmatic ads use real-time bidding to expand your reach to targeted users, appearing in all different sizes and various positions across websites.


We understand how to get the most out of your existing website traffic with remarketing ads, targeting people who have shown an interest in your products or services, making them more likely to convert.

Microsoft Ads

With generally less competition, and lower CPC than Google, Microsoft Ads allow you to reach your target market across Microsoft’s search engine network, reaching those that search using Bing and Yahoo.

Working With Echo

We keep our client's businesses at the heart of everything we do, taking a 'get things done' and hands-on approach to helping businesses grow online.

We’re trained and verified by Google which means we’re up to date with new technologies that help us set up, manage and enhance PPC campaigns to ensure you always generate a healthy return on investment.
Digital Audit GET IN TOUCH
Business Focus

Any marketing task needs to relate back to a business requirement. Our team align our goals directly to our clients’ objectives.

Personal Approach

Our specialist team treat clients as individuals - we provide support and guidance but ask insightful questions for your valued opinion.

Strategy Based

Whether your campaign is solely PPC or multi-channel, we help plan a strategy that works for your business to ensure high conversion rates.


We’re big believers in digital planning and strategy, but what makes us different is our relentless focus on getting things done!

Profit Centric

We work with you and plan strategies to not only reach the set benchmarks but to generate as much profit as possible.


We’ve achieved brilliant results for clients and our own businesses alike. We know how to leverage online.

Proven PPC Results

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if PPC is right for my business? Caret
Managed properly, PPC can work for most businesses - but not all! The effectiveness will depend on how competitive your market is, and what budget or resources you have. Our team can certainly advise on what digital channels will work best for your business.
How much does a PPC campaign cost? Caret
The truth is there is no easy, one size fits all answer. It varies from business to business and largely depends on the market competitiveness, and the volume of conversions you expect to receive, and how quickly you want them.
Is the ad spend budget set in stone for the entire campaign? Caret
Quite simply, no! The benefit of PPC, is that your budget can be adapted to suit the keywords/area you are targeting. We can react with changes to your business and alter your ad copy and ad spend accordingly.
How long does a typical PPC campaign last? Caret
A PPC campaign can run for as long as you prefer, but we would recommend using it as part of your long-term digital strategy. We manage your account properly to ensure your ad spend is getting the results you need, measuring against initial benchmarks to keep track of everything, pausing or adapting to improve the campaign.
Do I need to have a new website to get the most out of PPC? Caret
We can run a PPC campaign on an old or new website - the important thing is to ensure that your landing pages are set up correctly and have enticing content to mirror the ad. Our in-house content team can help with this area.


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