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Pay Per Click Advertising

Commonly known as PPC, Pay Per Click is a form of online advertising where businesses only pay each time someone clicks on their ads.

Whether you’re looking to expand your audience reach, increase traffic or supercharge your conversions, our Peterborough PPC services enable businesses to receive instant results by placing themselves directly in front of customers at the right time.

As opposed to traditional advertising methods, such as newspaper or billboard ads, PPC campaigns can specifically target your desired audience helping you receive a larger return on investment.

Although with any marketing campaign, PPC can be a costly investment if not set up correctly. This is why our PPC experts in Peterborough are fully trained to optimise your paid advertising strategy so we can help your business get the results it needs to thrive.

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How can PPC help your business? Pay Per Click Explained

Reaching new audiences through organic search or SEO can be a fantastic way of getting continued traffic on your website, but it can be a time-consuming venture. PPC allows advertisers to show their products or services to customers almost immediately and there are multiple PPC platforms available to help you adapt your methods towards your business goals.

Paid SearchPaid search allows you to create carefully crafted text adverts that show just above the organic search results. As well as delivering instant traffic, paid search can be extremely targeted, only showing for the keywords you choose.

ShoppingRun an online store? You’d be hard-pressed to find someone who hasn’t shopped online and been tempted by shopping ads! If you’ve got a website with products online, shopping adverts allow you to show customers a product image, price and key features before they click through to your website (and before you pay).

Display If brand awareness is key for your business, display adverts allow you to showcase your business to the huge net of customers browsing online. Appearing on other websites instead of Google itself, display adverts are fantastic for building brand recognition as well as retargeting users who have already been on your website – essentially, converting window shoppers to online consumers.

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PPC Management Services

We're Google Partners

We run campaigns that spend millions yearly, we know what works.

We’re trained and verified by Google which means we’re up to date with new technologies that help us set up, manage and enhance PPC campaigns to ensure you always generate a healthy return on investment.

We have the experience to efficiently run your campaigns whether it be on Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn.

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International SEO

Local, National and International

Where SEO calls for a long term investment and strategy in place, PPC can offer instant results that enable you to run a profitable, reactive revenue stream or test the market and trial market opportunities.

Local PPC

With the help of Google and Bing’s geo-targeting, you can advertise your products or services to targeted areas local to your business. Primarily, this strategy involves using local keywords like ‘PPC Services Peterborough’ and targeting searches made within or nearby the area. This way you can easily target people outside of your existing customer base to find new business, with easy trackability, in a way that flyers and newspaper banner can’t offer.

National and International PPC

Similarly, PPC campaigns give you the opportunity to target broader locations for your products and services in a way that can work independently or in combination with a long-term national or international SEO plan. If you’re unsure how your business will perform in a new location, paid adverts to allow you to gain traction to your website almost instantly, so you can make an educated business decision on whether it’s a worthy investment.

What is pay-per-click advertising?

In simple terms, pay-per-click advertising (PPC) means you are only charged when a user clicks on your ad. You are in competition with the other ads on the page, so the cost of the click depends entirely on the bid set by you and your competitors.

How can I target my PPC ads to find the right customers?

PPC ads can be tightly refined to reach your target audience. For example, you can target specific locations, languages or devices (such as mobile or tablet users) to name just a few.

What are the benefits of PPC advertising?

As soon as your adverts have been made live, your PPC ads can start attracting clicks and bringing in traffic. They are a quick way to show up on a search engine results page for a targeted audience, and you control the budget.


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