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Wondering how Pinterest could be beneficial for your business, but don’t know your pins from your boards? Let's have a chat!

Whether you’re a business that sells beautiful interior products, a bookshop that wants to share book recommendations, or a restaurant with a delicious repertoire of recipes up your sleeve, our team will help you create your very own Pinterest ads strategy to share ideas and get your business noticed.

Designed to be fun and visual, Pinterest is a social media platform that functions as a search engine for ideas and inspiration. It’s essentially a digital mood board that’s tailored for users who enjoy discovering – and with 72% of people on Pinterest using the platform to find brands, it’s also a super tool to build brand awareness online and position those high-value products right in front of your target audience.

If you’re looking for a Pinterest Marketing Agency who deliver measurable, business-focused results, contact us today to book a free consultation.

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Building a Content Strategy

Pinterest advertising, or Promoted Pins, can help your business reach new customers every month and help them discover and buy your products. With consumers spending more time deliberating over their purchases, it’s good to know that Pinterest is an effective platform to build trust and catch customers at every stage of the conversion journey.

Not sure what a conversion journey is? It’s the steps a potential customer takes before making a purchase or following through with a conversion.

Like with any digital marketing campaign, having a content plan that covers each stage of the conversion journey is key for ensuring your Pinterest campaigns thrive and deliver the results you want.

Whether you’re a seasoned Pinterest user who is struggling to grow your audience, or you want to start from scratch – we can help your account reach its full potential with our expert knowledge and experience of Pinterest ads.

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Working With Echo

As a professional Pinterest marketing agency, we know our pins from our boards, and we understand what makes Pinterest users tick. We can build an advertising strategy that’s unique to your business to ensure your brand identity stands out from the crowd and is seen by the right people. Most importantly, all our work is measurable and we can provide you with ongoing insights and monthly reports to keep you updated on their performance.

We can help discuss your advertising budget and make sure that your campaigns perform at their optimum. If you’re wondering how Pinterest could be beneficial for your business, but don’t know your pins from your boards, let’s have a chat!

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How do Promoted Pins work?

Like many pay-per-click campaigns, Promoted Pins run on an auction system. You choose an objective and targeting criteria for a selected pin and then place “bids” on a target audience.

Where are Pinterest ads shown?

Your ads can either be shown to users who are browsing or in Pinterest search results.

What’s the difference between a pin and a board?

A pin is a single piece of content, whereas a board can store a selection of related pins. For instance if you’re a bookshop owner you may have a pin about a new book which can be saved to a board featuring all your latest books. Boards are essentially a great way to organise your pins.

What creative services do you provide?

While we can provide advertising, strategy, and copywriting services for your Pinterest account, we do not currently create media such as images or videos, so those will need to be provided by you.

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