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Are you a B2B company looking to boost your online marketing presence? Here at Echo, we provide professional LinkedIn Ad Management to help businesses get their message across to the right audience.

With 722+ million members across more than 200 countries, LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network. So, naturally, if you’re a B2B company, LinkedIn can act as the perfect platform to attract new clients or customers, generate new leads or increase brand awareness. However, running a successful campaign requires experience with the platform, consistent monitoring and a carefully managed budget, meaning they often don’t perform as well as hoped if left to those without the know-how.

At Echo, we certainly have the knowledge and experience to help give your social media marketing a new lease of life. We know how to create a professional tone of voice and help your business stand out amongst the crowd, so contact us today to discuss how we could take your LinkedIn campaign to the next level.

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How does LinkedIn advertising work?
Personalised Ads

Need a personal touch? With advertising in LinkedIn, you have some unique options not available on other social platforms, including the ability to send personalised introductions and messages to your network or wider audience.

You can also use more traditional ad placements, such as sponsored content that appears in people’s news feeds. We recommend this option for businesses with a particular niche, or who work with specific decision-makers.

Refined Targeting

You can make sure your advertisements are refined by creating audiences based on a number of factors including, location, gender, age, company, education level, work experience, and interests.

You can also use Matched Audiences which automatically finds LinkedIn members that match your current network or website visitors. By refining your targeting, you can make sure your ads are super relevant for your audience, meaning they are more likely to convert.

Budget & Bidding

Like with other pay-per-click campaigns, LinkedIn advertising works through an auction system meaning the amount you’re charged depends on how much you’ve bid for your target audience.

You are also billed based on your chosen objective. For example, if your objective is to increase the number of clicks to your website, you will only be billed each time a user clicks on the link to your site. Finding the best bidding strategy for your business may require trialling different methods.

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How Echo Can Help

Whether you are new to LinkedIn advertising or you want to ensure your existing campaigns are meeting their potential, we can help. Our experienced team can help you target the right people and companies, whilst increasing your ROI and making sure you’re kept in the loop the whole time.

As LinkedIn is predominantly aimed at B2B companies, we can help you decide if this platform is the right fit for your business, or ensure the tone of voice in your ads is suitable for a professional audience. We can track and measure your ad campaigns and deliver easy to understand digital marketing reports to keep you updated on how well your adverts are performing. Essentially, we’ll become a part of your extended team, working together to reach your business goals.

Whether you want to start a campaign or improve your return on investment, get in touch with us today to book a free consultation.

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How expensive is LinkedIn Advertising?

LinkedIn Advertising can be more expensive than other social channels, such as Facebook. However, this is because you are paying for very unique targeting options which should help you generate more results and a higher return on investment. You are billed based on an objective, such as clicks to a website, and you can set spend limits to ensure you don’t overspend on advertising. How expensive your LinkedIn advertising is will depend on how much you bid on a target audience and how competitive that audience is.

Is LinkedIn advertising right for my business?

If you’re not sure whether LinkedIn advertising is right for your business we can offer honest and impartial advice through a consultation.

What is the difference between Google ads and LinkedIn ads?

The main difference between Google and LinkedIn ads is where they are displayed. LinkedIn ads are exclusively contained within the platform and are better suited for targeting business professionals.

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