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If you want to boost sales, reach a new audience, retarget customers who didn't make a purchase or increase brand awareness for your organisation, we can help you reach your goals with a little help from Facebook ads.

Facebook is not just one of the most used social media platforms in the world, it also gives businesses access to billions of active users every month – that’s a whole lot of revenue potential! Whilst not all of these users will become your customers, as an experienced Facebook ads agency our team can help you target the right people with the right content.

As Facebook is a constantly evolving platform, it can be quite overwhelming for businesses to try and manage a successful advertising campaign. Even if you’ve used a personal profile for many years, using it for business can be an entirely different kettle of fish.

To help you navigate the complexities of Facebook ads, our team at Echo can explain everything you need to know, without confusing jargon, and give any underperforming campaigns a new lease of life. If you want to set up a new campaign, we can also offer our expert advice and services to ensure it hits the ground running and fires customers your way.

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How do Facebook Ads Work?
Target audience

With Facebook ads you can choose to pay-per-click adverts to an audience based on their demographics, interests and behaviours.

You can also add custom audiences, which gives you more freedom and control over who receives your advertising. At Echo we can get to know your current website audience and ensure your adverts target users who are interested in products or services like yours.


With multiple ways to display your ads, we’ll help you choose the right medium for your business, such as Instagram or Messenger.

There are also a number of advertising formats you can use, including single images, image carousels and videos. Having ample experience with handling Facebook ad campaigns, we understand what works and what doesn’t for a wide variety of businesses.

Ad Spend

When it comes to ad spend, you can either set a daily or lifetime budget. and you are in control of how long you want your ads to run.

Just like with other paid advertising, there are a range of bid strategies to choose from and you can pause and edit your adverts whenever you like – meaning that you’ll never spend more than you’re comfortable with.

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Ad Management Services

An essential part of our service includes experienced ad management. We can closely track your ad performance to make sure they’re achieving the intended objectives. As your campaign collects data and learns about users who are interacting with your advertisements, we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure you’re getting the best results for your money.

With Facebook ad campaigns the key is in the targeting.

With our expertise, we can create specific audiences tailored to suit your business. We can also set up a Facebook Pixel which links Facebook to your website to automatically add information such as product names and images. The Pixel not only helps to track data and insights for your ads and website sales, but it also makes your campaigns more efficient to manage.

Echo Office Team Working

Why work with Echo?

Calling in digital marketing and PPC experts (like ourselves!) means you’ll have a team of seasoned Facebook ad pros building, managing and closely monitoring your campaigns so you can get the most out of your budget. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a more seasoned Facebook ads user, our outlook is always the same – to improve our client’s return on investment and boost their business.

Our motivations lie in helping businesses of all sizes to thrive online. All our Facebook ad management efforts are focused on helping you to achieve your business goals and what matters to you.

We build strong partnerships with all our clients and will always keep you in the loop on your progress, including suggestions for improvements and new opportunities that we’ve learnt through years of experience. Essentially, we work together as an extended part of your team and are never more than a call or email away.

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How does the spend work on Facebook Ads?

Just like with other paid advertising, Facebook ads work on an auction-based system where ads compete for impressions. There is no upfront cost and you'll only be charged for the number of clicks or impressions your ad receives.

Can you improve my existing Facebook Ads campaigns?

Yes, we can! We can build a campaign from scratch and help improve any existing Facebook ads you have. We will advise on any changes we feel are necessary to boost your return on investment and get you meeting your goals.

Can you design my advertising material, such as images and videos?

We provide expertise, specific audiences and ad management, which can include ad copy. However photos, videos and media content will need to be supplied by you. We can help you set up a Facebook Pixel which will give us easier access to your product images.


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