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Posted On: 14th February 2018
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Google Search Console Changing

What’s Changing?

For those of you who aren’t aware, as of May 20th 2015, Google rebranded the familiar Google Webmaster tools to Google Search Console (GSC) which is a free service that helps better your understanding of how Google ranks your business, site performance and how user-friendly your site is.

Many still haven’t let go of the original name and will still refer to it as Webmaster tools, but it’s continued to evolve since then. Google loves change after all!

The apparent intention behind these updates is to promote an optimal user experience within Search Console, something we can get behind as barely a day goes by we’re not using it.

2018 Updates: The Beta is Here

Webmaster Tools Joke

Visiting Search Console currently displays the exciting option to try the new search console. But what is the new Search Console offering behind its slick new looks? Well it is a Beta and so far has only 5 sidebar options but here is what Google has promised we can look forward to:

Search Performance

More in-depth data e.g. clicks, impressions, CTR, your average and current ranking position and a history of 16 months backed data. These insights have significantly improved from the current data that Google feeds & brings GSC into contention with tools like Analytics in terms of its power to impact business decisions.

Index Coverage

GSC provides tools that are great for checking the overall health of your website by flagging up issues or faults that may negatively impact a site when crawling and indexing. The latest version looks set to build on these capabilities. Google has now implemented an all new Index Coverage Status which alerts you to when a page has been indexed and how to get to the root cause.

AMP Status

Accelerated Mobile pages are a hot topic right now with adoption fast becoming a necessity to remain competitive in SERPS. It makes sense then that this is now featuring more heavily in the new GSC, helping you understand how your pages are being displayed as well as identifying any errors.

Job Postings

Google is also looking to push its job posting feature more in the update. This feature will now provide you with the opportunity to list your on-site job postings through search console, whilst also monitoring their performance.

What does this mean for SEO?

Google is a living breathing mass of data, knowledge, rankings, information and more. It will continue to change and new updates will be inevitable. One thing that is for sure. user experience will always be important in improvements to their Search Console Updates.

So if Google Search Console isn’t already in your armory of tools to keep your website performing at its peak and ranking top in the SERPS – it should be now. More importantly, you can rest assured that it is in Echo’s. We’ll bring you more on Search Console as it continues to evolve.

Maybe your knowledge stops at knowing the tools? Echo are able to manage your website & will ensure GSC is correctly monitored and utilised as part of our service. Come in for a free consultation today.

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Zak Wattiez at Echo Web Solutions
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