New Year, New HQ!

Posted On: 24th January 2022
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Echo New Office

Last year was an exciting one for us all here at Echo. Six new team members joined in what was another fantastic year for the development of our company.

It was definitely a wild year, however by keeping up to speed with industry developments and working our socks off, we managed to achieve great things with our clients – many of whom we’re grateful to say joined us last year too.

More clients and more employees meant a new challenge we needed to solve: we ran out of space in our Peterborough headquarters! Our office had personality aplenty, but it simply wasn’t big enough to facilitate our growing team. Meeting room space was particularly limited – many of our clients might remember video calls taking place on the stairs outside our office when our actual meeting space was occupied. Funnily enough, the stairs weren’t that comfortable!

Due to our ongoing commitment to delivering a great place to collaborate for both the Echo team and our amazing clients, we’re pleased to announce we have found a new home.

Don’t worry, we’re still in Peterborough – we’re actually just around the corner from our old office. Our new address is: 43 Tyndall Court, Commerce Road, Lynch Wood, Peterborough PE2 6LR.

Message from Zak Wattiez (Managing Director):

“Moving into 2022 we’re proud to secure new premises that will provide additional space and better facilities for our team. We believe this will be crucial as we emerge from the COVID pandemic and teams start to migrate back to the office. As a company we strive to provide a place where our team can work together and collaborate, express their creativity and fulfil the maximum potential for our clients.”

We look forward to many years in our new office and look forward to welcoming you through its doors. Here’s to another fantastic year, we’re certainly up for the challenge!

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