Echo Insight: Making your Social Media Headlines POP in 4 simple steps!

Posted On: 11th August 2017
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Echo Insight

Social Media is huge. We all know that as many of us spend an undue amount of time on the various platforms each week. When scrolling through the endless feeds of posts, we’re all aware that if you see a headline that grabs your attention, you’re far more likely to click through to find out more.

Introducing the 4 U’s!

Not a new concept, the 4 U’s are linked with the American Writers and Artists Inc. and can be applied to any headline you write. The purpose of the 4 U’s is to not only make it great, but also improve SEO, click through and hits on your website! We’ve summed this simple concept up for you in a few short points below.

1. Urgency

People scroll fast through social, email and anywhere else your headline might appear. The likelihood is once they get past you article they won’t go back so make sure your headline has that “click me now, you can’t miss this” vibe. Think “tips you can use immediately”, “need to know now”, “take action today” trail of thought.

2. Usefulness

Is your audience going to read this title and feel like it is likely to impact them or their lives in any way shape or form? Is it going to solve a crisis, help them with a problem or inform them of something they need to know? If not, it’s probably not useful information.

3. Uniqueness

So your target audience is scrolling through at 100 mph, although luckily they have seen your urgent headline addressing something useful to them – great! But it’s the 19th time they’ve seen it this hour because everyone in your industry is writing about the same thing. Be unique, give your spin and reflect why it’s different in the headline.

4. Ultra-Specify

There are millions of articles online covering just about every subject imaginable. The trick to making your title the one readers click on is to be ultra-specific. Who are you targeting and what details do you know that might make them click? For example, do your audience want “gym equipment advice” or “used gym equipment advice for the home”.

You may get fewer clicks but typically the enquiries will be quality leads and more focussed around your target audience. Here at Echo we’re used to producing engaging content for a range of B2B and B2C businesses across the UK, contact us today for help on creating headline material or for further information on our social media management and digital marketing services.

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Zak Wattiez at Echo Web Solutions
Zak Wattiez
Managing Director
Zak is a Digital Marketing expert and has worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world, ensuring their online presence is at the very best standard.

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