Google’s New ‘posts’ tool: Everything you need to know

Posted On: 2nd August 2017
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Google has released a number of updates recently. Some have been less subtle such as the complete rework of AdWords whilst others you might have missed.

Google Posts might be a great example of an extremely useful feature you’re not using. We’ve broken it down for you below with everything you need to know, from how you can use it to the image size needed for your first Google Post!


This new tool lives inside your Google My Business account. As you can see above (and here) it allows you to embed a sleek update right within your search results under your Google listing. In case you were unsure, a Google listing is the official company information to the right of a search result.


So why is Google Posts the new must do thing?

Every website owner should be interested in Google My Business and the opportunities Google Posts now presents. Not only will using it help improve your search position, it will enhance how your clients interact with the business through its powerful list of call to actions. Completing regular Google Posts along with other information like your opening times, address, contact info and images can greatly help your overall Google ranking.

Anything up to 300 characters and a button with a unique link will be placed in front of your customers, meaning you can directly communicate offers, host events (there’s a special option for that), encourage sign ups or give away a free download.

By adding regular posts your Google My Business remains current and will be more engaging. With posts expiring from the search page every 7 days, there is no need to complete this task more than once a week and it can take minutes, whilst driving more traffic towards your site!


  1. Firstly, make sure you own your business on Google. Visit to claim and verify. If you’re not sure about this process, speak to your marketing department as they may have already claimed it for you. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01733 28 66 46.
  2. Once thats done, head to your Google Business account homepage and look for Postson the left-hand side.
  3. From here you can select current posts and see when they were added.
  4. At the top of the page is a compose box. Simply upload an image (tips below), add your message and select an appropriate button. Google Posts has options to cover all bases including learn more, reserve, sign up, buy and get offer.
  5. Once you have previewed and submitted your first Google Posts will be live. Simply Google your business name and marvel at your achievement!

Google Posts steps from Echo Web Solutions

Our Advice

We added our very first Google posts this morning and overall it was a quick and stress-free task to complete. The biggest issue we had was finding the right image as there aren’t many guidelines about for this yet – which does mean that our trial and error can save you some time.

Our recommended image size for a Google Post is 400px x 300px to fill the space perfectly. This will optimise the available area dedicated for an image on your Google My Business page.

You may have also noticed that Google Posts does not offer the opportunity to enter a title. We advise that you include text within the image used to draw the consumer’s eye and inform them of the content subject. Make sure it’s in line with the call to action used for optimal impact.

If you need help with Google Posts or any other elements of digital marketing including Google My Business and AdWords feel free to get in touch with us.

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Zak Wattiez at Echo Web Solutions
Zak Wattiez
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