Echo Insight: Speaking to Gen Z Customers

Posted On: 6th September 2017
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Echo looks at digital marketing for Generation Z

You may have only just got your head around what a millennial is. You may be wondering who these new kids on the block are. Well Generation Z is here and chances are you’ll have to market to them as well.

So who are these Post-Millennials?

Born between 1995 & 2012, this is the first generation to have never had to spend a single day without the internet, a mobile phone or computer. This means they know their stuff when it comes to technology, digital and social media. In fact, they live it!

They also spend lots of their hard earned money online, with this only set to increase as more of Generation Z enter the workforce. It’s definitely worth making sure your marketing captures this new audiences attention so if you plan on selling to Gen Z, then check out the insights below!

Interactive & Live Social Media

Social media is vital in communicating with Gen Z and we’re not just talking about posting on Facebook daily or creative pictures on Instagram (although this is a good start). It’s all about telling the story of your brand with apps like Snapchat & features like Instagram stories & Facebook Live, which give your audience the in depth look at your brand they crave. Go behind the scenes, appeal to their entrepreneurial spirit and showcase how brilliant you are.

Mobile is King

You might have noticed something about the social apps we’ve mentioned. They’re mostly mobile only. Generation Z is known as a mobile-first generation (Google said so), living their lives through their smart phones. This means you must also think mobile first. Is the content you’re adding to social mobile friendly? Does your website work and load seamlessly on a smart phone? If not they won’t wait around for you.

Technology Changes Lives

Gen Z is setting a new style for the way we work, utilising technology more than any generation before. It is up to you to embrace these new technologies and help Gen Z find your product/ service before converting them into customers. Do you offer an instant chat service on your site or the chance to video call before purchasing? Could you utilise virtual reality (VR) to put products into peoples home? Is your online presence optimised for voice search and will Alexa or Siri be recommending your service? These are the kind of revolutions in technology that Gen Z are expecting you to use. The way search happens is changing. Voice is currently the big trending point but by keeping ahead of the curve you will reach these customers where the conversation is happening.

Video is Awesome

Whether it’s following the latest vlogger on YouTube or watching a cat jump at a car horn 21 times before finally no longer finding funny, Gen Z soaks up video content like an internet sponge. So how can video play a part in your strategy? Maybe you have an interesting production process or travel a lot as part of your service. Orthodontists have often seen a surge in business when back cracking videos go Facebook viral, proving it’s possible in any industry. Original content will win you customers.

It’s also worth knowing the influencers your audience watch and the brands they follow – they could hold the secret to your online success.

Finally, speak to them, they don’t bite

Your children, colleagues, the Gen Z’er behind the counter at your local shop, they will all offer you great insight and new ideas into how you can sell what you do better to their generation. Inspiration can strike in the most unlikely of places so maybe stop and ask the people you’re actually targeting.

There is so much more out there to learn about Gen Z and we hope this quick Echo Insight has given you some takeaways to action immediately. Let us know what works in your quest to communicate with this new generation in the comments.

For help marketing to Generation Z customers or any target audience, call us now on 01733 28 66 46 or email us at [email protected].

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Leah Brown at Echo Web Solutions
Leah Bull
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A real keyword geek at heart, Leah has over 4 years experience in SEO, PPC and CRO now working as the team lead at Echo. She loves trying and testing new techniques and strategies and sharing them for others to enjoy too.

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