Facebook Update – What Does This Mean for My Business Profile?

Posted On: 1st February 2018
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What’s Changing?

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has announced a major change to the platform’s News Feed. We’ll start to see less posts from businesses and brands and more from our friends and family.

Facebook has made some big changes to its algorithm – the Armageddon update

The update was made by Facebook with the intention of changing the way we use the platform. No longer will brand and business pages dominate our news feed. Instead, posts from friends and family should populate the platform, bringing the social back into social media. Great news, but maybe not for businesses…

Organic post reach for business pages could be facing a dark future as it will become increasingly challenging to maintain high levels of engagement on posts. But what does this mean for your company’s social media?

You Need to Post Engagement Worthy Content

For businesses who like to regularly post their contact details on Facebook or recycle old posts, the new update will render this ‘strategy’ almost useless – almost.

For pages using social media to build bigger audiences and keep followers engaged, the way you post will now have to focus more on relevant content, engaging and comment-worthy stories. Facebook’s feed will rank business posts with high levels of comments, likes and shares at the top of a users feed. Like a “Hey, this business posted something that all your friends have liked and are talking about, you should join the conversation!”

Although finding comment worthy content isn’t always easy, it’s important to note that the shift in posting patterns will follow the ‘less is more’ mantra. Aim for fewer posts about better content.

Advertising is not dead

Mark Zuckerberg has already announced that he expects the length of time users spend on Facebook is expected to decrease. Naturally, there will be fewer opportunities for advertisers to purchase feed real estate, meaning that Facebook advertising will likely become more expensive as competition heats up.

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It is important to understand that advertising will still be a great way for your page to reach new users. After the update, it will become even more important to monitor your campaigns and ensure you are targeting the right users. Tools like Facebook Pixel will help you target users who have already visited your site, meaning that an advert targeting them on Facebook has the potential to be much more powerful.

Aiming for a targeted audience is key, as it always has been in marketing.

It’s important to remember that while the updated algorithm will impact your engagement rates, keeping your social media active and posting regularly will still benefit your social presence. For small businesses, posting regular content will continue to have an SEO benefit and ensure users see your business as legitimate and trustworthy (as well as open).

Goodbye to Links

It has been recognised that social posts with links in them will be pushed further down the timeline and so-called ‘filler’ posts about contact details won’t be as useful to your audience. Facebook will prioritise USEFUL content. Instead of recycling a recent blog from your website, try posting a snippet, summary or introduction to your blog without linking directly to your website. By posting interesting content you are increasing the chances of users indirectly visiting your website after seeing your post. Remember, CONTENT IS KING. Showing users that you are industry experts will always be a great strategy to generate traffic on your site.

So what does the new Facebook update mean for my business?

If you run a small business that generates leads purely from social media users, we strongly suggest that you start investing in your business and a website.

If you already have a website then it’s time to ensure that your overall digital marketing strategy is bringing in the traffic, leads and conversions you want, rather than focusing on social media. It’s important to keep your social media updated for SEO and to be seen as active, but having an up to date website ensures that you are in control of what users see. Most social media profiles allow you to display a URL in your bio. Make sure users can find your website when they are searching for your services online.

Other Social Media Platforms Will Remain the Same

Do not worry. Although some say Facebook business posts may be dead, other social platforms are not. Regularly posting on social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are still a great way to reach users with your content. But with Facebook remaining the most used social media platform, we’d recommended taking action from the above and prepare for the Armageddon update.

Important to Know

Publishers That Resort To Engagement-baiting (‘ClickBait’) Will Be Punished

Many advertisers bait users into engaging with their content with offers that promise a coupon code or other incentive for liking a publishers post, as a way to manufacture artificial engagement. Going forward, Facebook says, these tactics will result in demotion of post rank.

Users can still opt into seeing posts from the pages they follow at the top of News Feed

Users who want to see more posts from pages they follow or help ensure they see posts from certain pages can choose “See First” in News Feed Preferences.

Want to know more about how to transform your social media strategy? Give us a ring today we can talk about creating a campaign suited to your business goals.

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