Our Guide to Establishing Your Digital Image in 2019

Posted On: 18th January 2019
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establish your digital image
Our digital marketing experts here at Echo have compiled their best advice to improve your digital image which will ensure your business is off to a great start in 2019.


Is it time your business’s image steps outside for a breath of fresh air? If you’re considering an update of how the internet sees you as we begin a new year, here’s our list of objectives for you to cross off.

Review brand performance versus your current year objectives

Reviewing brand performance versus where you wanted it to be at the beginning of the year is critical to ensuring your brand is moving in the right direction for 2019. Look back on what your objectives were at the beginning of the year, did you achieve them or fall short of the results you were expecting?

Ensure you are clear on this and are able to formulate a picture of where you want your brand to go in the coming year. What did you do well or not so? How can you do things differently? Having a clear picture of these factors in your mind will enable you to develop your objectives which will directly influence your digital strategy and how you are perceived by your target audience.

Don’t be afraid of change and to mix things up. The best strategies are continuously monitored in terms of performance and adapted to the environment.

Analyse your brand positioning and media strategy

The how and who. Understanding how your target audience perceives your organisation is critical to developing a digital strategy that engages with users in the right way, with the right message, in the right places and at the right time.

Looking at current engagement metrics and understanding how these may be impacted by the revised objectives you’ve set above is crucial to understanding the potential change that may take place within the digital landscape – do your new objectives mean that you need to move away from existing platforms, and how does that impact your existing target audience and how they engage with your business? Will that alienate some? Will it eventually attract a different type of person, and how does that impact your business?

These are prime questions that need answering to define the strategy that will enable you to choose the right platforms whether it be via. social media, blog posts, direct marketing (such as email or banner adverts) – the choices are endless!

Develop an interesting, relevant and engaging message

Having a clear brand and media strategy that is in line with a clear set of objectives is all well and good but without a clear, engaging and relevant message that cuts through the noise and leads to action all of this is next to worthless.

Your brand logo is a core component of this but you need to understand your target audience on a deeper level and why they do or don’t engage with your brand currently and what motivates and appeals to them.

You also need to develop content that has a clear theme with messages that reinforce your brand identity and values. Try to think out of the box here and more widely than just your target audience, consider your direct and indirect competition, how do you compare, where are the gaps and areas of opportunity to create differentiation? Doing so will enable you to identify wider opportunities to create a competitive advantage.

Executing your message

You have a clear idea of your strategy, who you want to appeal to, what message you want to communicate and where… but ensuring that message is communicated in a way that maximises the opportunities offered by digital media is the last piece of the puzzle that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Effective use of SEO and keywords is a key component of executing your strategy, and will ensure that your website or blog consistently returns high up in any web searches, thus maximising the chances of business exposure.

You have developed the right message, communicated it in the right places and got your site high up in the web searches, so much so your target audience is flooding to your site in droves – now to capture their imagination and get them to engage in the way you require!

Once you’re confident your brand has the image it deserves, you can confidently cross off stage one. The next step is to look at executing plans and implementing your new ideas (for example, consider fashioning your landing pages in the right way – one of the final pieces of the digital puzzle that’s often neglected).

As for how to do just that, you’ll just have to check back for our next blog!

If you are unsure which direction to take then get in touch with us today – we love to help brands grow! Our marketing experts are readily available to help your business develop marketing objectives, outline a strategy, and execute a marketing campaign that will take your brand to the next level.

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Leah Brown at Echo Web Solutions
Leah Bull
Digital Marketing Manager
A real keyword geek at heart, Leah has over 4 years experience in SEO, PPC and CRO now working as the team lead at Echo. She loves trying and testing new techniques and strategies and sharing them for others to enjoy too.

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