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About Echo.

We’re website & digital marketing experts, specialising in generating conversion focused results online - but you could have guessed that.

What makes us different? Our passion is growing businesses with a "get things done" attitude, which we believe gives us our edge.

Back in 2012 we started searching for a digital agency who truly understood how to best approach creating a brilliant online presence for SMEs, that would allow a company to grow.

We couldn’t find one, so we built Echo.

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Our Mission

Whether it’s a new website build or an ongoing digital marketing campaign, we want to work with you every step of the way and support your business growth.

With Echo, we’ll ensure our objectives are aligned and that you always feel in the loop with what we’re working on. No technical jargon or complex numbers – we promise!

From the beginning, we have worked closely with each and every single one of our clients to provide them with a service that mirrors the relationship of an effective in-house team. We’re their partners.

Growing from strength to strength, we’ve built an agency that thrives off getting real results for our clients. What does that mean? It means we work together to help develop your organisation so that you can get noticed by the right people, at the right time. But it doesn’t stop there, we’re a business development focused team that considers your profitability and growth paramount to campaign success.

We go beyond just creating websites – we maintain strong relationships with all of our customers and providing a fantastic after care experience.

We want to work alongside you to expand your business so that it can meet its real potential and we’ll have fun while doing it. Why? Because we love what we do and we hope you’ll see that too.

If you’re struggling to get your business to thrive online, speak to us today.

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The values and vision of Echo are paramount to how we work as a team. FIND OUT MORE
Meet The Team All you need to get your business out in the world.
Leah Brown at Echo Web Solutions
Leah Brown
Digital Marketing Manager
Marketing Head Honcho 👩‍💻

Since joining the team in its infancy, Leah has helped to build, push and elevate Echo’s digital marketing campaigns involving PPC, SEO and CRO strategies.

Happiest when she’s busy (which is is just as well!), Leah enjoys collaborating with the team to bring new ideas to clients, helping them to reach their business goals.

Known to the team as the Asana taskmaster, she gets excited about organisation, keyword research and anything automated. At home, Leah also gets excited about organisation, automation but there's a bit of baking in there too.

  • Her Cat Loki
  • Traveling to new places
  • Body Combat classes
  • Helping to Grow the Echo Family
  • Achieving Digital Marketing Specialist Qualification
  • Making the Best Cinnamon Buns

Leah's Latest Posts

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Laurissa Gould
Digital Marketing Executive
The Pocket Rocket 🚀

After studying Fashion Communication at university, Laurissa had a great interest in creating content for small companies but wanted to learn more on how she could help grow a company. This led to her Masters degree in Marketing and found her love for digital marketing and analysing data.

Since joining in November 2020, Laurissa has been absorbing all things digital and expanding her knowledge on SEO and PPC with the help from the great Echo team. Laurissa is also behind Echo’s social media bringing the latest news and updates at Echo!

  • Fashion (Which her wardrobe wishes she didn’t)
  • Photography
  • Pasta
  • Completing her Masters degree
  • Photography being displayed in art galleries
  • Working with some amazing people!
Sophie Jackson
Digital Marketing Account Manager

Having completed an Apprenticeship in Digital Marketing and a degree in Business Management, Sophie is passionate about all things business growth.

With a love of communication and relationship-building, Sophie’s work at Echo revolves around delivering the best results for our clients.

In her spare time, you can find her cooking, meditating or tending to her crystals.

  • Animals
  • Incense
  • Spending time in nature
  • Completing her Business Management degree in a year and a half
  • Helping launch a sustainable community festival for local businesses and DJs
  • Mastering the art of optimism
Lewis McCarthy
SEO Executive

As our SEO Executive, Lewis regularly performs website audits, identifying issues and areas for improvement.

With a background in PPC, social media and email marketing, Lewis decided to explore a new territory of digital marketing - SEO. Since starting with Echo, Lewis has enjoyed helping online businesses to boost their ranking potential.

Aside from keeping up to speed with the ever-changing SEO landscape, in his spare time Lewis can be found listening to music, reading fantasy novels and playing computer games with his friends.

  • Chicken wings
  • Playing computer games with friends
  • Reading sci-fi and fantasy novels
  • Gained a Geography degree from the University of Portsmouth
  • Ate a 24 pack of Walkers crisps in one sitting
Emma Gibbs
SEO Content Writer
Word Wizard 🧙🏼‍♀️

Joining Echo in October 2020, Emma has two years’ experience as an SEO content writer.

Writing is something that Emma has always loved, and enjoys using her passion for the written word to help businesses create easy to understand content that drives results.

With a degree in English Literature and a qualification in journalism, Emma likes to explore every facet of content creation and stay up to date with the latest writing trends.

She enjoys trying new things, stepping outside her comfort zone, and collaborating on projects.

Outside of work, Emma enjoys reading, walking in nature, and cycling.

  • Exploring new places
  • Reading books
  • Tea
  • Helping ecommerce businesses publish better content
  • Published an article with HuffPost UK
  • Achieved 100 words per minute shorthand

Emma's Latest Posts

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Peter Jackson
SEO Content Writer

Peter joined Echo in June 2021, having previously spent three years working on a consumer magazine in the transport industry.

He has a degree in Multimedia Journalism and has been addicted to writing for as long as he can remember. In his work for Echo, Peter always strives to make his words accessible to readers, writing in a concise and easily-digestible manner no matter the subject area.

In his spare time, you can find him working on his cars - and thinking about his next drifting track day - listening to music, playing the drums and catching up with his YouTube subscription feed.

  • Cars and vehicles
  • Saying hi to cats in the street
  • Watching YouTube
  • Completing his degree course...
  • … and getting published in two consumer magazines before graduating
  • Helping to take ecommerce companies’ content to the next level

Peter's Latest Posts

New Year, New HQ! 24th January 2022
Will Dardis
Junior Digital Marketing Executive

Will has always been passionate about digital content, and as a result was a media studies student for over five years across three academic levels. As a recent graduate, he is excited to be starting his career in a new field, digital marketing. Along with this, Will is happy to be working in such a positive and motivating environment at Echo, with a great team that help every step of the way.

As a Junior Digital Marketing Executive, Will is currently expanding his knowledge on everything to do with digital marketing. This ranges from reporting on PPC campaigns with a focus on CRO, to analysing or uploading content with a focus on SEO benefits.

  • Sports (Mainly Football and Basketball)
  • Films
  • His dog Bailey
  • Graduated from the University of Lincoln with a degree in Media Studies
  • Held lecture in Tampere, Finland at an international interactive media workshop
Stephen Bunting Creative Designer at Echo
Stephen Bunting
Creative Designer
Design Kingpin 🤴

Since joining Stephen has helped transform the Design process here at Echo. Working closely with our Director and the Development and Marketing teams Stephen is a key part of our creative process, creating innovative and stylish designs that help transform and elevate your business.

When not playing with shapes at an advanced technical level, Stephen enjoys PC gaming with friends and most of all can be found creating Fine Art oil paintings to exhibit across the country.

  • PC Gaming
  • Fine Art
  • The Colour Blue
  • 2X Echo Jackbox party winner 2020
  • £15 Wimpy drawing competition voucher winner at 6 yrs old
  • Phoenix Go Karting Junior Cadet class Winner

Stephen's Latest Posts

Is Your Website Design Killing Online Sales? 17th November 2020
Craig Parfitt
Creative Designer

With a background of over 20 years in branding, corporate, and web design, Craig brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to each project that can help clients to identify and solve their communication problems, creating a better and more enjoyable online user experience.

When not creating you will find him at live music events.

  • 🎸 All things music
  • 20 years+ experience in design & branding
Andrew Leung at Echo Web Solutions
Andrew Leung
Senior Web Developer
Master of Web Entanglements 🕸️

Specialised in turning design mockups into living, breathing sites with visual flare. Uses a template approach to coding so common design elements are reusable and consistent, which in turn makes it simple to make a change that reflects across the entire site.

🎧 Podcast Listener • 🎲 Board Gamer • 💻 Futurist • 🎸 Rock 'n' Roller • 🥢 Food Devourer

  • 🎲 Board Games
  • 💼 Coding Websites
  • 🌳 Landmark Trading website

Andrew's Latest Posts

How To Future-Proof Your WordPress Website 28th April 2022
Darren Hudson at Echo Web Solutions
Darren Hudson
Web Developer
Mr Happy 😀

Coming to Echo with an extensive array of website development skills, technical ability and years of experience, Darren is normally found deep within some code of his latest project and is rarely beaten when given a challenge.

Darren's the person in the office who always makes people laugh and is always up for another cup of strong tea. He's a fan of psychedelic trance for when he needs to focus (although that's currently banned in the office due to multiple headaches 😅).

  • Never using !important (developers will understand)
  • Favourite Movie - The Crow
  • Singing Sweet Caroline at 2am (weekends, of course)
  • Launched Echo's cracking new website
  • Englands premier tea drinker
  • Consuming more mead in one weekend than anyone knew was possible

Darren's Latest Posts

Life After Magento 1: Everything You Need to Know 19th June 2020
John Paul Burato
Web Developer

JP is a website developer specialising in the LAMP stack, with experience ranging from but not limited to progressive web app development, website development and mobile app development.

He's spent the last four years building things for the web such as websites, online stores, RESTful APIs and web based systems.

  • Open source
  • Action hooks and filters
  • Never using float
  • Developed websites and published mini open source projects
Julie Carter
Operations Manager

As our Operations Manager, Julie manages Team Echo’s very busy schedules.

With a background in project management as a field service engineer, Julie now manages the Echo team’s workflow, making sure we’re on target for the monthly reports.

Julie is most at home when organising schedules and making things easier for people, something she likes to bring to her work style here at Echo.

Preferring verbal communication over instant messaging platforms, Julie also enjoys building rapport with clients and the team.

  • Walking
  • Cooking for friends
  • Watching the ballet
  • Walked the 26 mile Moonwalk for Breast Cancer charity
  • Walked to the top of Mount Snowdon
  • Project managed installing 750 ovens into live KFC stores
Anita Wattiez
Office Administrator

Since the beginning of Echo, Anita has always been behind the scenes helping things tick along.

An invaluable asset to the team, Anita assists the whole team keeping tasks moving in the right direction. Duties include making changes to our own website, working on social media campaigns and completing various administrative tasks.

  • 🇧🇧 Everything Barbados
  • 🌱 Growing Plants
  • 🎶 Musicals
  • Raised the perfect son (so Zak says)
Dustin Braband at Echo Web Solutions
Dustin Braband
Marketing Wizard 🧙‍♂️

Dustin has a wealth of experience in business development and marketing, having started and operated a number of successful companies that led to a passion for all things online. Dustin is extremely analytical and is exceptional when it comes to the fine details.

In the office Dustin is usually found deep within a spreadsheet, analysing data to high precision.

  • Running & cycling
  • Drake's no. 1 fan
  • Travelling the world
  • World record for most crisps and cookies eaten in one day

Dustin's Latest Posts

Top SEO Tips for a Company 7th August 2014
Zak Wattiez at Echo Web Solutions
Zak Wattiez
Managing Director
Commander in Chief 👮

Starting in 2012 after a friend asked if he could build a website, Zak launched Echo and since has worked with hundreds of businesses of all shapes and sizes across the world, ensuring their online presence is at the very best standard.

Zak has a fascination with business and how a company can thrive and grow online.

You'll usually find Zak assisting the team, whilst drinking lots of strong black coffee.

  • Learning new things (literally anything)
  • Playing any form of sport or being outdoors
  • Proud to have a great team and business
  • Having the ability to help businesses thrive online

Zak's Latest Posts

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